Monday, June 7, 2010

Kim : Hyung Jun & Ki Bum -Hyung to Dongsaeng-

Handsome big brother & cute younger brother...
none other than the Kim's brothers~
a well known k-pop idols~!

Highlights of the Brothers

Do you quarrel often when you were still kids?

(Hyung Jun) There wasn't once when we have a big fight. Of course, there were times when we had disagreements on things. Oh yes, when Ki Bum changed my car plate number, we did have a quarrel. (Laughs)

(Ki Bum) If we started a cold war, we would just go back to face the computers (there are 4 computers at home). And a chat window would pop up with words like "Sorry" and the reply would be "I understand" and we wouldn't be angry with each other anymore.

Were there any interesting episodes during your childhood years?

(Ki Bum) During my elementary years, I saved up my allowances for emergency uses, but I found out one day that the money was gone. Initially, I didn't know why but later found out that my brother took them to play computer games. But now things have turned around. Brother often gave me money. Brother is the major pillar (breadwinner) of our household.

Now that both of you are staying together, who does the cooking?

(Ki Bum) Because both our schedules are different, we practically have no time to eat together. If we were to eat together, I have to take care of my brother. When he cooks ramyun, he would put 3L of water, really cannot trust him ah

(Hyung Jun) I'm always carrying a grateful attitude whenever I eat what Ki Bum has prepared for me, especially his fried egg, it's superb.

Seems like the younger brother takes good care of the elder brother?

(Hyung Jun) I'm a chatterbox type (note: meaning he talks alot) and I live life relaxedly (note: can also mean lazily / in a slack manner). So Ki Bum always listen to me quietly. At home, sometimes one would be confused as to who is actually the elder brother.

How do you spend your time together?

(Hyung Jun) We play computer games together frequently and would also compose music together and gave constructive feedback to one another. Although we can play and joke crazily but when it's time to work, we do it seriously.

Can you point out the strengths and weakness of each other without holding back?

(Hyung Jun) He's different from me. He has a good sense of thrift. As for his weakness- he doesn't behave like a younger brother.

(Ki Bum) Firstly, his strength is that he was born earlier than me. No matter how you look at it, it is still 3 years. As for his weakness, he is too slack. When he is at hme, he lives as though he is without a soul. Oh yes, he has another strength. He is very handsome.

What do you think is the advantage of being the elder brother/ younger brother?

(Hyung Jun) From how I see it, I think being a younger brother is better than an elder one. Because he is always by my side giving me support, it makes me feel stable.

(Ki Bum) When we were young, because our parents dotes on Brother more, so I was very jealous. Now that I'm living together with Brother, we can understand each other more. The advantage is if we get into trouble together, Brother would be the first to be punished.

Life as an Idol

No objections when the younger brother wanted to become a singer?

(Hyung Jun) Firstly, I was very worried. I went through the experience of being a trainee for 5 years, and endured many hardships during that phrase. But Ki Bum was very sure of what he wanted, and he worked very hard towards it. Now each of us are doing quite well.

Did it help alot to have an elder brother as a senior singer?

(Ki Bum) When I first wanted to become a singer, he did help with providing chances here and there for auditions.Now I'm already part of a entertainment company, debuted as a member of U-KISS. If not because of Brother, I may not be able to be who I am now.

Being the Idol group Brothers, how did it feel to take part in a show together?

(Hyung Jun) Felt very proud. No matter what, it felt very good. (Laughs) Being able to share something in common spatially and temporally is a form of strength to me. Feels very satisfied to watch Ki Bum singing and performing on stage.

Not having plans to release an album together?

(Ki Bum) If there's an opportunity, will definitely want to release a Project album and then perform together on stage. So now we are composing songs for duets.

(Hyung Jun) I think if both our music becomes more matured musically, the opportunity will come.

"Because of different schedules, we only met at the broadcasting venue before the performance. Only after we met, did we realise that I wore the same jacket as Ki Bum. Family, brothers probably share a telepathy without the need for words --- Hyung Jun"

Credits & source : triplesphilippines

Jun & Bum moments

*cries & touched*
-such a lovely brotherhood-

Baby Jun is so sweet~!
Hugging his crying lil' brother...

They are so close with each other~!!
I wanna be one of their sister-in-law...
and being loved by the Kim's brothers...
and being called Mrs. Kim~
goshh...I'm so in my dreamland now~!

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