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Fan Fiction : Teen Top's Chunji & L.Joe first Double Date (Part 1)

My friend and I are like part of the craziest kpop fans and we have this crazy wild imagination where we were imagining of dating Teen Top's Chunji & L.Joe friend whom I called "unnie" will have a role as Jang Ha Neul while I will be Jung Eun Mi..

Unnie : Jang Ha Neul as Chunji's girlfriend
Me : Jung Eun Mi as L.Joe's girlfriend

In 7 days to come will be Teen Top's comeback
and that make all the members very busy by then. So, L.Joe, who wanted to have a special date with his beloved one before his busy schedule in months to come, decided to ask chunji to have a double date with their girlfriends. They even planned a surprise event for the two special girls.

Chunji : "L.Joe, what are you planning for your girl?"

L.Joe : "I don't know yet hyung. Maybe something to do with pink because she loves pink so much.

Chunji : "Is that the reason why you dyed you hair pink?" (0.o)

L.Joe : "Ah? Erm, erm, yeah." He blushed. (*^▽^*)

L.Joe : "What about you hyung?"

Chunji : "Well...hmmmmmmm." [A long hmm]

L.Joe : "What? Quick, tell me!" He scratched his head.

Chunji : "It's a secret." He smirked.

L.Joe : "Lol hyung, since when you have started to keep a secret from me?" He pouted cutely.

Chunji : "Since just now :D It doesn't really matter for you, right? What I can say now is I am going to ensure that you, yourself will be surprised for what I have planned and perhaps your 'casanova' title that had been attached to you all this while is going to end soon." [Evil laugh]

L.Joe : "stdaaaerrshgxv!" *I'll never going to lose to you hyung, never!*


The venue for the double date : Romantic restaurant.

Time for the double date : 8:00 P.M

The day has finally come. L.Joe & chunji rent a restaurant for a day for their girlfriends. In the morning of D-day, both of them were doing some preparations for the double date.

Chunji : "What's that shining things in your hands? (?.?)

L.Joe : "Ermm, these shining things? Its a shining pink heart shaped balloons. I'm going to put in some helium to make it float in the air.

Chunji : (^▽^)

L.Joe : "That's it? Just a smile? (O_o) Ayy.. say something about this brilliant idea." xD

Chunji : "There's nothing to say. Everyone knows that you are a romantic guy anyway. You proved it all in Mnet Scandal. (* ̄ー ̄)v

L.Joe : "Let's not talk about it. (=.=)

Chunji : "Why? what's wrong?"

L.Joe : "The girl in Mnet Scandal was not even interested in me. Even worse, she has a boyfriend when she dated me."

Chunji : "For real?" (O.o)

L.Joe : "Yeah. She told me about it but I'm glad, I'm so glad it happened anyway because I found a better girl, way better than her indeed could not even be compared to her. So, there's nothing to regret about." (*"ー"*)フ

Chunji : "L.Joe, don't worry. I know that you'll be happy with your girlfriend now. :) Wait a minute.." He pointed his fingers to the end of the restaurant. " that a piano?"

L.Joe : "Owh yeah. I wanted to play a few songs for my girl. Why don't we make a small showcase just for them. You sing and I play piano? or you sing and I rap? or both?"

Chunji : "That's what I thought of doing too right after I saw the piano." o(*^▽^*)o

L.Joe : "Let's choose the songs for tonight."

Chunji "What about this?" He pointed at one song title in his note/music book.

p/s : Chunji always bring this particular book with him xD

L.Joe : "Are you sure hyung?"

Chunji : "Why not?" You don't like this? Or you have another choice?

L.Joe : "Nahh, I kinda like this song. I'm just worried about you." He turned around to control himself from laughing.

Chunji : "What do you mean?"

L.Joe : "Well, I'm just afraid in case your voice couldn't reached the high notes and you will be in a total worse embarrassment ever in front of your girl. HAHAHA" He started to run away.

Chunji : "Yahh! stduffckjs. Come here you little punk!" He chased L.Joe.

Suddenly...out of nowhere....the caring leader visited them...

Cap : "Would you guys stop?" [Serious face] "Why are you guys acting like some kids that fighting for minutiae like this?" (。`Д´。)ノ

L.Joe and Chunji came closer and looked right at the leader's face.

Chunji : "Aish hyung. You know nothing. Byunghyun has been teasing my credibility as a boyfriend to my lover. This is big, seriously."

L.Joe : "As compared to me, Chunji hyung is nothing close as a lover. I'm just giving out a 'sincere' advised since I am more master in this kind of stuff. Chunji hyung should thanks me instead."

Cap : "Did I hear wrongly? You guys have been arguing about being a...lover? That's ridiculous. Hahaha." ヘ(^∇^ヘ)ヘ(^∇^ヘ)

L.Joe and Chunji looked at each other and a smirk placed in their pretty faces.

L.Joe : "Hello to our charismatic leader, at least we have a girlfriend. Unlike you, if I'm not mistaken, you have never had a girlfriend even once in your life right? You must be so lonely eh?"

L.Joe and Chunji were rolling on the floor laughing at their leader.


Cap : "How dare you kids?! Yahhh!" (#`皿´) 

While Chunji, L,Joe and C.A.P were making jokes around and laughing their lungs out, suddenly C.A.P asked them something.

C.A.P : "Don't you think that this whole idea of double date thing is kind of lacking of something?"
Chunji : "Huh? Lacking of what?"

L.Joe : "I don't think so. I mean we have been thinking about this thing for like days and yeah.. I think it's just perrrrrrfect." ^^!!

C.A.P : "Nahhh... I still think thing that you guys need to add up something to make the two lovely girls remember D-day forever in their life."

C.A.P then whispered to chunji & L.Joe about his idea. C.A.P's serious tone surprised the two boys. Their hyung has never been that serious when it is about girls and dating. All he knows is to build his muscles at the gym and yeah..THAT'S IT~ but this time he is totally different

Chunji : "OMG! That was such a great idea."

C.A.P : "I know you'll love it. xD What about you L.Joe?"

L.Joe : "The idea was awesome! Seriously, no joke. But hyung, why were you whispering?"

The only reason why he whispered was because he was TOO SHY to talk about it loudly and also to avoid eye contact with the boys. He was just so SHY. He started to give a weird reason later on to cover himself up.

C.A.P : "N-n-nothing. You know..who knows if somebody here heard it and report it to the girls and they found it out. It will be no more a surprise then. Heheheheh."

L.Joe : "But there's only the 3 of us here." (=.=) "Ah~ I think I know why. You're just too shy to talk about those romantic thing to us, right?
Chunji : "Shy? What for? OMG hyung...are you in love?"

C.A.P remain silent as the atmosphere was quite awkward but chunji fix it somehow. ^^

Chunji : "Bro, let's not go that far and just do our thing, kay. Our leader seems so uncomfortable now." He tapped L.joe's shoulder.

L.Joe : "Oh man~ I thought I can at least tease him a little bit more."

C.A.P : "Hahah. I heard that L.Joe. Forget it boy. That's not going to happen. Anyway, I need to leave now because I have a schedule in an hour. Later yea. Good luck boys." ;)


There were 30 minutes left before the girls arrival. Chunji & L.Joe now are busy preparing themselves for the d-date.

So there they are, preparing for their special date with their beloved one. Chunji is looking at his reflection in the mirror and slightly tidy his suit. Wide smile plastered on his too-cute-for-a-word-face.

L.Joe : "Waaaa hyung, I've got to admit, you look great !" He looked at Chunji in amazement.
Chunji : "Thanks. You look nothing less. I guess we will definitely impress the girls tonight with our suit." He grinned.

L.Joe : "Of course! I really want to look the best in my girl's eyes tonight. But..." He suddenly stop.
Chunji : "But what??" He looked at L.Joe with curiosity.

L.Joe : "Well I am just afraid, honestly.. since we dressed up too handsome like some president's son and the girls will definitely be shocked when they see us and they might [he started to laugh] faint due to our 'too' good looking face! Hahaha!"

Chunji : "Yahh! How could you make jokes on that?" Aish I just want to kill you now, you know."

L.Joe : "Aigoo hyung, don't be so tensed. I purposely did this since you look so nervous and when you do then I will too. I just want everything to be flawless have to do our best to make our girls happy, isn't it?" He pouted.

Chunji : [He turned around to face L.Joe] "Byunghyun ah~I never knew you were this smart."
L.Joe : "Only now you realized? Haih. I am always the smart one in the group you know."

Suddenly, a crazy idea popped out in Chunji's head. . .

Chunji : "Since you just said that you have the most intelligent brain, why don't we have a bet?" He smirked.

L.Joe : "Bet? On what?" He sliding closer to Chunji.

Chunji : "First, you have to agree that this is a deal and no withdrawal, okay?"

L.Joe just nodded because it seems to be a great stuff. Chunji is always the silent one in the group, when he starts to speak, there must be something interesting.

Chunji : "Let's bet...on whose the one between us will be kissed Love Emoticons by the girls first tonight."

Eventually, L.Joe could not throw any word from his mouth
He just startled...for a second...the next 5 seconds...and the next 11 just imagining the kissing scene.


Later on, Chunji and L.joe were waiting for the girls at the door of the restaurant. They were both nervous because they want to look and be the best guy ever for their girls. Their heart is beating faster and faster when they heard the sound of the girls high heels nearer and nearer. When the two girls were right in front of them, both of them were totally speechless.

The girls were like shining stars to them. Their jaw dropped and they couldn't close their mouth because the girls were so beautiful. The two girls were indeed glad of their reactions. At least Haneul and Eunmi's whole day of preparations for the boys are worth it .Cici

Haneul : "Chunji opaa...I'm already here. Why don't you say something."

Chunji : [blink his eyes again and again] "You look so beautiful." He startled. In his mind at the moment, he wished to say Love Emoticons again and again to the girl who is standing right in front of him now but he didn't say it because it wouldn't be romantic to spill it at a doorstep and that stops him from doing so.

Haneul : "Aaawwww, chajgi ahh, you too look dashing."

Chunji : "Thanks." He blushed.

Eunmi : "Joe..don't you think you have something to say? I'm waiting." She looked into his eyes with a cute face.

L.Joe : "Aegi know that I don't have to say it because you know what I'm thinking, right?" :) Aegi ahh...what do you think about me?"

Eunmi : "Hurrmmmm..." She looked at him from his head to toe.

L.Joe : "You don't like it?" His heartbeat was racing and the only think he wish at this moment is for her to say things that he wants to hear.

Eun Mi : "Baby, you look...ermm....perfect."

L.Joe : "You always know what I wanna hear, don't you?" He embraced her gently. *I only expected for her to say that I'm perfect..but..did she just call me baby? ahhh love it*

Eunmi : "Baby, why are you smiling all by yourself?"

L.Joe : "Who? Me? No. I'm not." He turned away to hide his blushed face.

Eun Mi : "Owh."

L.Joe : "It's just that I'm just so happy to see you and honestly, I just love your dress. You looks so beautiful tonight." :) He kissed her forehead.

Eunmi : "Aaaawwwwwww." :)

As Haneul & Eunmi entered the restaurant, SHINee's song (Hello remix version) could be heard. They were
so touched of the boys hard work with every steps they took.
It's totally a double date that they have always dreamed of.

It seems like these guys know them really well and know what they ever wanted. At this moment they knew that there are no regrets over choosing these boys as their lovers.
Love Emoticons

Eun Mi : " really love this song."

L.Joe : "Yea, I know that babe." L.joe said with a smile plastered on his face and at the same time he held Eun Mi's wrist gently. Now they are looking into each other eyes as if the world stops and there's only the two of them.

Chunji : "Ehem." [cough] "I thought someone was nervous and now it seems like he is trying to be a romeo. Hahah."

L.Joe : "Hyung! WTH!" (=.=) "As if you were not! HAHA!"

Chunji : "Yah!"

The two girls could only laughed at their boyfriend's act. :)

After that, Haneul pulled Chunji and started whispering at him. Chunji started blushing upon hearing his girlfriend's whispers.

L.Joe : "What were you guys whispering?" (?_?)

L.Joe and Eunmi, both looked at the other couple and wondering what is there to whisper about. Chunji and Haneul were only smiling by looking at these two innocent couple. ;)


As the night is still young, soft wind blowing in the peaceful, serene night and the sky is filled with bright shining stars. Two young lovely couples are currently immerse in their 'special' double date. They don't even bother to think about anything else and only stares at each other sparkling eyes. The night date begun...

Animated GifsAnimated Gifs

The two good looking guys guided the two girls to their reserved seat. Chunji nicely pulled the chair for his girl and let her seat, so did L.Joe.
The girls just gave them a smile.

L.Joe : "Haneul noona, what did you said earlier to Chunji hyung?" L.Joe put an interesting face. Not less than a second after he gave out the question, L.Joe squeled in pain.

p/s : Eun Mi just slightly kicked L.Joe's legs and gave out a stare as a signal not to be busybody. Cici

Ha Neul : "What's wrong L.Joe-sshi? Did you hurt yourself?"

Chunji quickly cut L.Joe's word before he could speak. (lol poor L.Joe)

Chunji : "Chajgi ya, just ignore this kid. He just wants to attract people's attention. Don't bother to answer him. It's OUR secret" He smirk evilly.

Ha Neul : [nodded]

L.Joe : [sulking, pouted and looked straight to Eun Mi] "Aegi, look at them. They bullied me." boyemo

Eun Mi : "Aigoo, my L.Joe oppa is so like a baby." She caressed his cheek and pinched his oh-so-soft-cheek. "Let me comfort you then. Feeling any better?"
L.Joe : [He put a big smile, well almost to his ear*.] "Hmmm!" boyemo
He tried to express his feelings by forming a can't be heard 'I Love You' word with only moving his lips.

Font Emoticons Font Emoticons Font Emoticons Font Emoticons Font Emoticons Font EmoticonsFont Emoticons Font Emoticons

Eun Mi who got the meaning, can't do anything but to smile sweetly to her lover and winked at him. L.Joe almost fell off his chair due to his sweet girlfriend's action. He tried to cover himself and clumsily opened the menu book. Chunji and Haneul who saw everything pretended not to see anything and just hold themselves from bursting out laughing.

Chunji : "Well, I guess it's the time for us to get something to eat now. Chajgi, did you make a decision on what meal you want to eat?" He asked while smiling sweetly.

Ha Neul : [thinking] (actually, she was not thinking about the menu but about how she just melted with one smile that Chunji just gave her. LOL) "Ahh..emm..well just give me this then." She pointed at the menu. "What about you, oppa?"

Chunji : "Okay, then I'll have the same" (:

Ha Neul : "Lol, I thought you don't really enjoy this kind of meal. Wh--" Her words was cut by Chunji.

Chunji : "Yes, I am not into this type of meal but seems like my lovely girlfriend loves it, I'll try it because I want to know what type of food do you like and that will qualified me sooner to cook for you, chagji♥" He end with sexy smirk.

Ha Neul: [totally melted by Chunji's words and already imagine herself with Chunji at home cooking] xD

L.Joe : *Tsch hyung, now you want to act all sweet, like some real gentleman. Heh sorry but I am the master in this subject, and I won't lose to you.*

Later on, when the food has arrived at their table...

L.joe : "Aegi ahh..." He called his lover in a sing song voice.

Eun Mi : "Hmm, what is it?"

L.Joe : "Ahhhhhh..Let me feed my princess."

Eun Mi almost faint at L.Joe's sweet act, then she quickly act natural and slowly open her mouth.

L.Joe : "Is it good?"

Eun Mi :"Nae..It' delicious (:" She smiled sweetly.

L.Joe : [almost choked on his food] *Baby again and again? Jyeahh! Today must be my lucky day! She keeps on calling me baby!* xD

Chunji : [looking in disinterested] *showing off again, huh L.joe. After this, it's going to be my turn.* He smirked.

After they have finished their meals, they were having a conversation and suddenly the song played throughout the restaurant has changed to a romantic song.
Chunji : "Doll, do you want to dance with me?"Animated Gifs *Hah L.Joe! I'm quicker than you xD*

To be continued...

another bloggy of mine ^^

aha! that's right~!
I created another blog but this time is mostly about me..
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even though I do have a section for myself in this bloggy which is under the label "Q's Diaries"
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hurrmmm..that's what I thought and so this is how a new bloggy is born..heeee...
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Random videos : [ZE:A Idol League Cut] Lotte Mission

It's not really a new video but I really find it hilarious... ^0^
I just couldn't stop laughing after watching these videos xD

Lotte Mission 1: Siwan & Junyoung

waahhh..siwan ah~ you are such a smart boy :) and that's the reason why I love you

Lotte Mission 2: Heechul & Minwoo

damn~ heechul's laugh is so adorable and yeah I admit that I'm so addicted to it xD
and omo~ minwoo ahhh~ you are so cute!!!

Lotte Mission 3: Kevin & Hyungsik

hyungshik's expression during the ride and after the ride is just so priceless
hyungshik ahh...neomu kyowo xD
kevin ah.. you are caught cheating xD
and hyungshik ahh..why do you followed kevin's cheating style?
aaawwww..kevshik couple is just so cute..
love them (^_^)

[TEASER] Ronin Pop - ZE:A Siwan

[TEASER] Ronin Pop - ZE:A Junyoung

[TEASER] Ronin Pop - ZE:A Heechul

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JYJ’s Jaejoong beating Justin Bieber for “Best Celebrity on Twitter” at Shorty Awards

The Shorty Awards, the Twitter equivalent to television’s Golden Globes or Hollywood’s Oscars, is an annual competition to recognize “the best people and organizations on Twitter and social media.” But when the Shorty Awards organizers put together this year’s 3rd annual competition, they probably weren’t expecting such outright dominance by Korean celebrities.

As further evidence (as if we needed any) of K-pop’s global reach, K-pop celebrities are dominating the leaderboard for “Best Celebrity on Twitter“, with JYJ’s Jaejoong (@mjjeje) and Super Junior’s Heechul (@heedictator) taking 1st and 3rd place, respectively. Tween sensation Justin Bieber is ranked 2nd, Jay Park 5th (just beating Selena Gomez, who’s currently 6th), and fellow JYJ members Yoochun and Junsu bringing up the rear at 13th and 14th.

credits : allkpop

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JYJ’s Jaejoong shares homemade video with fans for his birthday

As many of you Cassies know, it’s Jaejoong’s birthday in Korea today!

To commemorate this special day, many of Jaejoong’s fans attended a ‘Hero Festival’ party in his honor on January 23rd. Located in Seoul, the event gave fans the opportunity to mingle and share their love for this handsome star (who’s now 26 years old).

To his fans’ delight, Jaejoong sent in a homemade video of himself exercising his chest muscles. Many entertained devilish thoughts, as they took the exercising of his “chest” muscles in the wrong way…

The video then continued, as it showed an embarrassed Jaejoong telling the audience to not take what he’s saying in the wrong way. Hilariously, he tries to dispel his embarrassment by doing a short exercise routine with his cat, JiJi.

credits : allkpop

[26.01.11] Happy Birthday Jaejoong! ^^

오빠 생일 축하 해요 ^^
happy birthday jaejoong oppa :)
enjoy your birthday to the fullest and
hopefully oppa neun saengil this year will be one of your best and memorable birthday :)
love ya oppa^^

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JYJ’s reality TV show, ‘JYJ’s Real 24′, to air in February

The boys of JYJ are known to be quite private about their personal life, so it comes as a shock to hear that they’ve agreed to star in a new reality show called, “JYJ’s Real 24“.

Cable channel QTV revealed, “The reality program ‘JYJ’s Real 24′ is scheduled to air sometime in mid-February. Members Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong,and Kim Junsu will show their every move.”

‘JYJ’s Real 24′ will follow the boys as they participate in CF filmings, musicals, and all sorts of other activities. In addition, their secret house will also be shown.

Producer Lee Moon Hyuk from QTV expressed, ‘Lately, JYJ’s mysterious private life has gotten the interest of fans, which has amplified the attention for this program. Even though it was a little awkward for JYJ at first, they quickly adapted to the cameras and had fun during filming.‘

110124 Junsu Introduced As The Table Tennis King

Finishing his meal at 3:30 in the evening, Junsu bought a five grain cafe latte from Cafe Bean in Kangnam-Gu. Wearing only a thin leather jacket this whole time, it seems like Junsu has just realized how cold it is as he starts running back to the office.

After showing the people who were walking the streets of Nonhyondeon city the flying Korean star, Junsu reaches the office and goes in search of a table tennis table.

Originally, Junsu has been know for his interest in soccer and bowling but this time he showed that he was immersed in his interest with table tennis.
It began with a death match between Junsu and the news reporter. To this request Junsu removes his jacket and throws it aside, rolls his sleeves, and prepares to claim victory for this battle of his pride.

Before even suffering, Junsu had changed into a form of all seriousness. Without a single pause, it seemed like a whirlpool of the table tennis ball flying back and forth and back and forth.

While playing Junsu explains that his spin wasn’t working as well as it did when he played at home, “Last year for my birthday Jaejoong and Yoochun got me the kind of ping pong table that I really liked. No matter what I said they ordered the best table for me. In order to fit the table in my living room, I had to move my wardrobe, treadmill, and sofa. But talented players need all the equipment they need.”

After expressing these thoughts, Junsu gets his mind back into the game. Junsu has been titled as “Number 1 Table Tennis Player in C-Jes Entertainment” and his unusual ability proved this. Junsu even showed us his ability to smash to either direction. Kim Junsu wins the match with a score of 21 to 17 and the match is over.

Here comes the feared sky serve!

In this game of table tennis, Junsu plays his sky high serve too!

The match that Junsu played against the newspaper reporter, he also showed his steady forehead stroke.


“Yes!” Junsu cheered when he won the showdown between him and the news reporter.

At a coffee shop near the office, Junsu sipped on a hot drink as he surfed the net.

As Junsu leaves the cafe, he starts running in the direction of the office.
“It’s a little bit cold, that’s why”, he added.

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Random video : ZE:A

110123 idol championships ZE:A siwan

aaaawwww...siwan is so cute jumping around like a lil' child :)
he's so excited and ran up to kwanghee before kwanghee even reached up to the ZE:A members.. ^^
so the conclusion is sikwang relationship is indeed true! xD
ah..I'm so jealous of kwanghee already! xD

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Super Show 3 in Malaysia

Confirmed New Details for SS3 Malaysia

Date: March 19, 2011

Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

SOURCE: Running Into The Sun +


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Random videos : ZE:A [Super Idol Contest Cut]

I just love these videos~!!!
They are so funny xD