Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random videos : [ZE:A Idol League Cut] Lotte Mission

It's not really a new video but I really find it hilarious... ^0^
I just couldn't stop laughing after watching these videos xD

Lotte Mission 1: Siwan & Junyoung

waahhh..siwan ah~ you are such a smart boy :) and that's the reason why I love you

Lotte Mission 2: Heechul & Minwoo

damn~ heechul's laugh is so adorable and yeah I admit that I'm so addicted to it xD
and omo~ minwoo ahhh~ you are so cute!!!

Lotte Mission 3: Kevin & Hyungsik

hyungshik's expression during the ride and after the ride is just so priceless
hyungshik ahh...neomu kyowo xD
kevin ah.. you are caught cheating xD
and hyungshik ahh..why do you followed kevin's cheating style?
aaawwww..kevshik couple is just so cute..
love them (^_^)

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