Thursday, October 7, 2010

Leeteuk's Twitter Update [04.10.10]

잘지내고 있어요?^^ 6년만에 처음으로 저도 휴가란것을 받고 유럽이란곳에 멤버들과 20대의 마지막여행이 될지모르는 행복한 여행을 왔어요~^^

How have you been doing? ^^ This is the first holiday that I had for 6 years, came to a country like Europe, it might be the last 20s happy trip with our member~ ^^

오늘 부터 시간 나는데로 슈퍼주니어 이특의 여행기를 조금씩 알려드릴게요^^

From today onwards, if I have time, I will slowly post out Super Junior Leeteuk’s travellog ^^


뒤늦은 예약으로 비행기 표가없어서 일본을 경유해 무려총 15시간동안 이코노믹으로 가야하는 상황이 버러졌다..유럽행 이태리항공..ㅡㅡ윽..그런데 걱정했던것보다 아주 빠르게 편하게왔다^^뱅기표 2장~~~^^

Because the booking was late, didn’t get to buy a ticket and has to go through Japan, and turned into a situation whereby need to stay in the Economic seats for 15 hours.. Europe travel Italy airline.. ㅡㅡ윽 But as compared to my worries, it was quite comfortable ^^ Two tickets~~ ^^


비행기에서 바라본 이탈리아 하늘^^그동안 너무 바빠 많이지쳤있는데 앞으로 더 열심히 달리기 위해서 생각정리좀 해야겠다..^^

I saw the Italy’s clouds in the plane… Was running too much previously so doesn’t have any energy, in order to run better next time, need to recharge… ^^


짜~잔!!^^베네치아에서 첫 여행 시작!!여기까지오는데 정말 고생..ㅠㅠ공항부터 도와준 이태리 팬들 고마워요(그라찌에)!!그런데 이곳에서도 너무 알아봐주신다ㅋㅋ역시 슈퍼주니어!!이태리 여행 고고!!!^^

Jja~ JAN! The first travel starts at Venecia!! So hard to find this place ..ㅠㅠ From the Airport, the Italy fans that helped us, thank you (Graziae)!! And also, there are so many people who know us here ㅋㅋ Definitely Super Junior!! Italy holidays gogo!!!^^

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