Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U-KISS - 0330 MV

Monday, March 28, 2011

[28.03.11] Happy Birthday Hoya :)

hoya oppa~
happy birthday \(^0^)/
and yea~ I really love you! :)
I'm totally a true Inspirit and proud to be one =)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

SM New Boy Group "M1" Members'

SM new boygroup to be debut in April 2011, known as "M1" for now: 9 members

Main Vocal – Junghun (1992)

Main Vocal – Yuchisu

Visual – Park Chanyeol (1992) (Appeared in SNSD' s Genie Jap. Ver )

Visual – Kim Joonmyun (1992)

Kim Jongin (1994) (Appeared in TVXQ' s CF "HA HA HA" and is SHINee Taemin's friend)

Ryu Chao (Chinese)

Yi Xing (Chinese) (1994)

Missing members @ the practice :

Kim Munkyu


Credits :

Daum Bulletin Boards

& Koreansharinghouse

Oh My God!

This is like dreams came true~

I have always thirst of SM Boys Group ever since DBSK debuted xD

I have been waiting for this group to debut ever like since forever

I've heard of that SM is going to release a male idol group either last year and two years ago

but at that moment I wasn't sure when are they going to release these boys though

and aha I'm telling you, I was the most excited girl on earth when I first found it out.

Guess what~ when SM released SM The Ballad~

I already have the feeling that Jino is going to be in this new group because

I don't know I just have this feeling~ maybe I'm meant to be with Jino xD hahah

Damn he looks so HOT & SEXY in that picture

Jino oppa~ I heart you forever baby (♥_♥)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Bang - Tonight MV

Infinite's Comeback - Nothing's Over

Shot & Nothing's Over


Music bank

Music Core


ZE:A's Comeback - Here I Am


Be My Girl & Here I Am

Music Bank

Be My Girl & Here I Am

Music Core

Again & Here I Am


Be My Girl

Here I Am

Couldn't find the 'available' link for this video (>_<)

The one which I found has been blocked by youtube (T_T)

Infinite - Nothing's Over MV

ZE:A - Here I Am MV

TVXQ - Before You Go MV [Full version & Short version]

Short Version

Full Version

Teen Top - Angel MV

Thursday, March 17, 2011

[13.03.2011] L's Birthday

Saengil chukka hamnida oppa :)
or more like Happy Belated Birthday ^^
Love ya so much and hopefully your latest album will be a great success \(^0^)/
p/s : I wouldn't mine change my relationship status to "married" just for you xD
that proves my love for you~ =p

hahah~ such a fanatic fan~ I bet Myungsoo oppa will run away from me xD
or maybe he will like it =p it's all depends on him~ o(^_^)o *wishing on a star* (>_<)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

ZE:A - The First Album - Lovability

click on the picture to get the full size scale

Monday, March 7, 2011

[06.03.11] Inati's Birthday

happy birthday oppa :)
even though you are turning 30 years old this year (31 in Korea),
but honestly you don't look like one at all ^^
I thought you were 24 years old~ hahah =p