Thursday, May 19, 2011

B2ST’s guerrilla style “Rainy Days” release is a major hit with fans

B2ST made a surprise move earlier today by releasing a track from their comeback album, “Fiction and Fact“, and Cube Entertainment just relayed to allkpop moments ago that the track “Rainy Days” has been receiving an explosive response ever since.

Credit for the song’s booming success is going to its ability to touch all of the right emotions as rain continues to fall all over Korea.


The song hasn’t had any promotions before or after its release, and the release itself was done in a very discrete, guerrilla-like manner. Members dropped subtle hints to their fans about the song’s impending release, such as Junhyung’s tweet on May 11th, which read, “What kind of song is perfect to listen to on days that rain?”

Fans immediately sensed that something was up and later met with a pleasant surprise when the song was revealed. As if indirectly responding to Junhyung’s question, the song immediately ranked at the top of the charts.

Yoseob tweeted in response, “I’m bursting with energy thanks to all of the love the song is receiving. I’m rehearsing hard because of it.” Kikwang added, “We’ve worked hard preparing for it, so I hope a lot of people listen to the song.”


The song is not only a perfect fit for the rainy season, but it also features subtle details like the coughing of rapper Junhyung and the light tapping of the rain. Those intricate details help pull it all together, making the track into one stunning emotional ballad.

Fans commented, “If just one of the songs is this good, how good must the title track be?”, “It has B2ST’s characteristic color, it fits so well with them”, and “The melody is addictive, I listen to it even when it’s not raining.”


B2ST is kicking off their comeback with a strong start, as they already rank first in pre-orders just a day after orders were opened.

Cube Entertainment has also revealed to allkpop that the boys will be releasing a teaser video on May 13th, followed by the album’s official release on the 17th.

Credits : Allkpop