Sunday, April 24, 2011

What do Teen Top think about their members?

C.A.P: "Chunji's small face bothers me! Kekeke. His small face makes our face look bigger."

Chunji: "I want L.Joe not to be an untidy sleeper! Kekeke."

L.Joe: "Chunji and I are same age. He is not only my comrade but also best friend."

Niel: "Ricky is my lovely brother. Anyhow he is lovely!"

Ricky: "L.Joe is so kind that I to want meddle in him. Kekeke."

Changjo: "When I stay with C.A.P hyung,I feel like he gets younger. He is older,but I feel like he is same age as me. As for Niel,he always takes care about other people.I admire him for that point."

TEENTOP interview in Japanese Magazine

Credits : @Ricky_Facts


  1. and chunji is my husband!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahah~ while L.Joe is mine xD xD xD