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[Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top - Power Voice Chunji!

“In 2nd year of elementary school, while watching a music program, I made the decision that I’ll become like an American singer who can move people through a song and can receive love from everyone.” Since then Chunji got ready little by little for his dream to become singer.

“To become a singer I have to sing well popular song and to sing well I thought that I had to listen to music a lot, I could even sing blindly a song I never heard” Chunji smiled while remembering about his past memories. He entered middle school ad Chunji thought that there was a limit at practicing by himself.

He revealed that for extracurricular activity he took vocal lessons. “I only had one lesson a week, it was a short time but while learning vocalization’s basics I thought that I was getting closer to the song.

When graduating in 3rd year of middle school, he sang Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’ at the concert that was held every year at the school, it was his first time singing in front of many people and he got this opportunity.

After entering in high school, he eargerly wanted to learn how to sing so he entered a vocal academy. On the days where he didn’t have any lessons, he was going to the practice room to repeatedly practice the things he learnt and each month he had a vocal battle with the others students, he showed a competition in good faith. And he said while laughing: “At that time I just thought that I absolutely had to win but now that I’m thinking about it again through practicing with friends, we could learn from these friends’ strong points and it seems that it was a good occasion to correct our weaknesses.”

Thanks to the recommendation from the academy he entered back then he got an audition’s opportunity. At the academy they recommended to Chunji to sing a ballade at the audition since his voice fits it well, Chunji was really worried about the song he was going to choose, he said “By singing ‘So Sick’ in front of many people for the first time I got the chance to enter this audition.” and smiled while saying this “I will never forget Ne-Yo’s ‘So Sick’, it gave me a chance for a new beginning and another opportunity for a challenge, it’s a special song.”

He revealed that, like his surname ‘Power Voice’, his name means that his voice can make the sky and the earth resound.

Chunji who had to suffer from two hard moments to become a Teen Top member. He told us the story of his hard trainee period.

Chunji who was reminescing of his past memories said: “My dancing skills were lacking more than my singing. I promised that I’ll work harder than the other trainees and I became trainee.”

He told us about that time that: “After becoming a trainee I asked for some help again and again to the other trainees, I followed them, I learned and understood I spent more than half of my training at dancing.”

“But at every end of month evaluation I couldn’t get good marks because of my dancing skills that weren’t improving, since the low results kept coming, joining the team was quite uncertain.” Chunji was shivering while revealing these sad memories.

And to make things worse he couldn’t take more time for his practice and lessons because he couldn’t fail at school. He revealed everything about the critical situation: “In a state where even my entrance in the team was incertain, I didn’t easily changed school on 2nd year of middle school, I had to work a lot more than my other friends so I couldn’t give up on the training.”

He added: “At the end of month evaluations I kept on having bad results, and I worried a lot about the school transfer. Leaving my friends was sad but I thought that if I give up on my dream I won’t be able to do anything so in the end I changed school.”

“Because of the school transfer and the dance I couldn’t give up on my dream, I even reduced my sleeping time to do dance practice. And since my dancing wasn’t improving as I wanted I released my stress by singing loudly.” He showed us his passion, he pursued his dream until the end.

Source : Asia Economy Daily

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