Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top - Charismatic Leader C.A.P!

“Because I had no older or little brother, but only 2 sisters, I loved playing together with friends. As a child, I loved listening to rap. At the time, it was all I would listen too.”

CAP was influenced by the meaningful lyrics from Eminem’s rap. It was a wonderful charm to CAP and he immediately had dreams of becoming a Rapper. His friends had the idea of b-boying and wanted to rap with him. So together, they formed a small b-boy crew. They called a lot of students to join them at youth training centers for b-boy training.They also practiced everyday at school.

Up until Secondary School, he decided to audition to become a trainee. Because of practicing every day, a sprained foot and an injured back, it all went to a good cause. He was qualified to become a trainee. In addition, he practiced everyday from morning to night in a practice room.

One day, he was checking his e-mails, he saw that he received an e-mail from the company he’s in today about a b-boy and rap video he made with the friends from his club.
“The content of the mail he received back then was : “On the rap video you showed a lot of potential, we would definitely like to see you at the audition”. I remember that at this time I was still in middle school and I like rap.”

“After the audition’s preliminary the company told me to go to Lotte World public audition, I passed the preliminary round and reached the finals. I made the promise to work hard.”

But he was still in middle school and had to do an excessive dance training and have lots of memories of being injured because of that. He learned everything again from the movement basics, and everytime his body couldn’t follow his greed to practice, he released stress by exercising.
“At first I did 100 sit-up, then 200, 500, I was always increasing it. When I saw my muscles growing little by little by exercising, I also gained more confidence, so I began to be greedier into making muscles.(laugh)”

“I was originally a major in designing but when I began to rap my dream changed. These days I couldn’t draw a lot since I was designing rap.” “Since this day, I, of course began to write lyrics to make my rap but I also designed my rap’s style.”

Source : Asia Economy Daily

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