Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ryeowook's Twitter Update [29.08.10]

우리 대기실... 축구장이네~^^돗자리깔고싶다 ㅋ 인천한류콘서트 많이 오세요^^* 슈퍼주니어 떴다 ㅋㅋ♥

uli daegisil... chuggujang-ine~^^dosjalikkalgosipda k incheonhanlyukonseoteu manh-i oseyo^^* syupeojunieo tteossda kk♥

Our waiting room… Is a soccer field~^^ Wanna put a mat on it ㅋ people... come and watch Incheon Korean Wave concert ^^ It's a Super Junior’s field trip ㅋㅋ♥

I saw Donghae oppa & Siwon Oppa~!!! XD

CNBLUE celebrates with F.T Island

A picture was released recently, showing the CNBLUE members celebrating F.T Island’s comeback. They are under the same companies, so F.T Island is their sunbae band.

Their newest track, Love Love Love, has been topping the charts, and CNBLUE decided to congratulate them. On the 30th, the boys got together in their practice rooms and celebrated.

The nine members are all together in this photo, so it’s definitely some eye candy for fangirls.

FNC Music said, “They are under the same company but they have even more similar qualities so they are called brother bands. They work together and cheer each other on. Lee Hongki even cheered CNBLUE on during their debut online by asking fans to support CNBLUE.

credits : allkpop

aaawwww...they are so adorable~ ^^
such a cute brothers~ =)

Kyuhyun's twitter Update [29.08.10]

내 욕을 하는건 참을 수 있다. 내 행동이든 뭐든 당신들 맘에 들지 않았기 때문에 욕을 했겠지. 하지만 그 손가락으로 죄 없는 가족까지 들먹이며 상처주는 당신들.. 제발 생각 좀 하고 글 쓰시길 바란다...

nae yog-eul haneungeon cham-eul su issda. nae haengdong-ideun mwodeun dangsindeul mam-e deulji anh-assgi ttaemun-e yog-eul haessgessji. hajiman geu songalag-eulo joe eobsneun gajogkkaji deulmeog-imyeo sangcheojuneun dangsindeul.. jebal saeng-gag jom hago geul sseusigil balanda...

I can stand it when you say bad things about me. You criticized me because you didn’t like the things I did. But don't point fingers at my innocent family.. please think about what you are going to write before you even write it..

Kyuhyun oppa~
please don't listen to those who hurt you~!!!
because we, E.L.F will always be there for you!!!
be strong~ ^^

Saturday, August 28, 2010

SHINee at Guerilla Date [25.08.10]

SHINee performed Lucifer among the crowd

ya guys know what???
Taemin got hugged by a girl so do key~
goshh~ & Taemin was smiling???
aaawww.. so sweet of Taemin ^^
but hey girls~
at least let them finish up their performance~ (=.=")

Source: dcshinee
Credit: weareshining

Credit : DC SHINee

source 이수지님
Credit : WRS

boy idol group Dalmatian reveals video teaser & unveils its 6 members

Upcoming boy idol group, Dalmatian, which is signed with MC Mong’s company, Monkey Punch Entertainment, have recently revealed a teaser video full of mystery, shoes, and abs!

A representative from Dalmation’s management crew expressed, “The footprints seen in the teaser that were left by the male are supposed to represent a Dalmation’s footprint. The meaning is that Dalmation will enter the music world and leave their mark.”

cool right? ^^

Dalmatian’s company, Monkey Punch and IS Entermedia Group, revealed on the 27th:

“With 9/1 already set as the release date of Dalmatian’s first digital single, the 6 members have been revealed,”

All of the members have gone through five years of basic training, and are armed with numerous skills. Their names are INATI, DAYDAY, DARI, JISU, DRAMA, and YOUNGWON. Singer and entertainer MC Mong has personally recruited these members, and in order to make the birth of this group possible, preparations took a long six years. Therefore, expectations are high.

The group name of Dalmatian combines both the concepts of a musician and the dog breed. The meaning behind Dalmatian is ‘very loyal, never shameful, has an outgoing personality, and is free-spirited’. Dalmatian promises to always stay loyal to their commitment of giving it their all through music.

credits : allkpop

F.T Island - Love Love Love MV & Music Bank Comeback Stage

FT ISland is back~!!!
Finally~ after their long period of album promotion in Japan and now they are promoting their 2nd Mini Album in Korea~
woohoo~ ^^

Love Love Love MV

Music Bank Comeback Stage [270810]

seunghyun oppa~ sarangaheyo~!!! ^^
Love his rap~ neomu namja aeyo~ =D

2PM unleashes their cuteness for an Orange Caramel parody

During a recent recording for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV’s Invincible Youth, the beastly gents of 2PM let loose their adorable and cute instincts by doing an Orange Caramel parody!

2PM appeared as guests on this episode of Invincible Youth, where they showcased their comical dances and wore huge ribbons on their heads.

Besides their hilarious parody, 2PM also diligently helped out with the farm work, and they expressed, “The farm work was tiring, but it was a pleasurable experience.”

This episode was aired yesterday,on the 27th of August.

credits : allkpop

aawwww..what a..... cutieeeee?
hahahah~ pink ribbon~ XD

Kim Hyun Joong to release an album next year

It has been announced that SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong will release an album next year with his new label, Keyeast.

On the 26th, a press conference was held for the drama Playful Kiss.

At the conference, Kim Hyun Joong stated, “The reason why I moved to Keyeast was because I could act and sing at the same time.”

He then revealed his future plans to continue as a singer, stating, “It’s not for sure yet, but I am in training for an upcoming album. I do not know if it will be a solo album or a group, but by the looks of it, there will be a higher chance of being it a solo.”

A reporter asked about his status with SS501, which he replied, “Nothing is decided. No one knows if we will come out with an album in the future, so I don’t know why everyone keeps saying we disbanded.”

There is a good possibility that the album will be with all five members.

Stay tuned on allkpop for more information about this matter.

credits : allkpop

aaawww....I couldn't believe Hyun Joong said that~
so we should stop saying that SS501 is going to split and
support them even though they are in different companies now~ ^^

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon joins S-Plus Entertainment

It’s official: SS501 member Kim Hyung Joon has transferred entertainment companies to S-Plus Entertainment, which includes Kang Ji Hwan and Jo Sung Mo.

On the 27th, S-Plus Entertainment held a phone interview with AsiaE’s Sports Today, revealing, “Kim Hyung Joon recently signed a contract with us and has begun his activities with us.”

As a company that works with other companies in Asia, such as in Japan, S-Plus Entertainment plans to further expand through the recruitment of Kim Hyung Joon. It has been reported that while talking about his contract with S-Plus, plans for Kim Hyung Joon’s promotions in Japan and other Asian countries were also naturally discussed.

Despite Kim Hyung Joon’s transfer to a new entertainment company, S-Plus has reassured fans that SS501 is not splitting, saying,

“Just because Kim Hyung Joon ended his contract with his previous company, this definitely does not mean that SS501 is breaking up. … In the discussions about his contract, the point that Kim Hyung Joon first and foremost emphasized was that he stays as a member of SS501 and continues all activities with them … The entertainment company will respect opinions of Kim Hyung Joon as a fellow artist of the company, 100%.

Despite the rest of SS501 being under the management of another company, Kim Hyung Joon will, as a member of SS501, put SS501’s activities as the first priority and participate in all their activities, domestic and international … S-Plus also plans to cooperate and whole-heartedly support all activities of SS501.”

A representative of S-Plus also included a message for fans, saying, “Please continue your care for Kim Hyung Joon and love for SS501.”

With Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, and Hyung Joon already with new agencies, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng are the only free agents now.

credits : allkpop

glad to hear that right?
hopefully SS501 will not going to split~!!!
hwaiting~ =)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Doo Joon's Twitter Update [23.08.10]


MC Commeration!!!

aawwww..Ki kwang is so....cute...?
hahaha.. no word to describe it..
oh! oh! I know...
maybe the word silly suits him better.. ^^
and for Doo joon oppa ... he is hot as always~ XD

yup~ he tweeted this 4 days ago~
I just realised it...because I just checked his twitter~ ^^
on that day...I didn't notice his tweet at all....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eunhyuk's twitter Update [25.08.10]

SM콘 단체 퍼포먼스 안무 다 틀려서 미안해요...스케줄이 안맞아서 이틀밖에 연습 못했어요...하루 두시간씩...앞에서 다 틀려버려서 애들한테두 미안하네..연습해서 LA땐 잘할께 얘들아ㅜ ㅜ 안무짜 준 재원이형 한테두 미안해여~~~으으으 짜증나ㅜ ㅜ

SMkon danche peopomeonseu anmu da teullyeoseo mianhaeyo...seukejul-i anmaj-aseo iteulbakk-e yeonseub moshaess-eoyo...halu dusiganssig...ap-eseo da teullyeobeolyeoseo aedeulhantedu mianhane..yeonseubhaeseo LAttaen jalhalkke yaedeul-au u anmujja jun jaewon-ihyeong hantedu mianhaeyeo~~~eueueu jjajeungnau T T

I dance wrongly for SM Concert’s group choreography, I'm really sorry…Because the schedule was kinda hard to arrange, practised for 2 days only… and also Only practise two hours per day…In the end, I dance wrongly in front of everyone, really sorry to the those who performed together..I will practise properly and dance well in LAㅜ ㅜ I also apologize to Jaewon hyung who choreograph for us~~~으으으 It was annoying rightㅜ ㅜ

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! SMtown콘서트를 할 때 멸치가 구타 당할 때 살쪄서 은혁이 신동이 될 때 배고픈데 밥이 없을 때 누가 딸기우유 마셨을 때 사랑하는 ELF 봤을 때 내가 쏘리쏘리쏘리 춤을 출 때

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! SMtownkonseoteuleul hal ttae myeolchiga guta danghal ttae saljjyeoseo eunhyeog-i sindong-i doel ttae baegopeunde bab-i eobs-eul ttae nuga ttalgiuyu masyeoss-eul ttae salanghaneun ELF bwass-eul ttae naega ssolissolissoli chum-eul chul ttae

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! During SMTown concert, anchovy was bullied, Eunhyuk grew fat and became Shindong,I was hungry but there is nothing to eat, people drank strawberry milk,I received ELF’s love, when I was dancing sorry sorry

SMTOWN LIVE 10 와주신 모든 팬 여러분 감사드려요~ 여러분땜에 힘든것도 모르고 무대에서 뛰어 댕긴 것 같아요~ 그리고 SM 전 아티스트,스탭 여러분 진심으로 수고 하셨습니다!!! SM아니면 할 수 없는 일....최고!!!!!^_______^

SMTOWN LIVE 10 wajusin modeun paen yeoleobun gamsadeulyeoyo~ yeoleobunttaem-e himdeungeosdo moleugo mudaeeseo ttwieo daeng-gin geos gat-ayo~ geuligo SM jeon atiseuteu,seutaeb yeoleobun jinsim-eulo sugo hasyeossseubnida!!! SManimyeon hal su eobsneun il....choego!!!!!^_______^

ll the fans that came to watch SMTOWN LIVE 10, thank you~ Everyone doesnt knows what is the meaning of tired and is jumping and cheering on the stage~ And also to all SM celebrities,staffs, I sincerely saying, everyone has worked hard!!! This is something that only SM can do….the best!!!!!^_______^

Yesung's twitter Update [25.08.10]

뮤지트에 초대손님 이번엔 패밀리낯선형!! ㅋㅋ 역시나 반가운 ^^

myujiteue chodaesonnim ibeon-en paemillinachseonhyeong!! kk yeogsina bangaun ^^

This time, The guest for Muzit is Family Nassun hyung!! keke It's so nice to meet him ^^

Yesung's Twitter Update [25.08.10]

오늘뮤지트첫녹화 … 정말이런음악방송 MC꼭해보고싶었는데 ㅎㅎ 기분좋게도 첫게스트가 도현이형이었다 고마워요형 ~~^^

oneulmyujiteucheosnoghwa … jeongmal-ileon-eum-agbangsong MCkkoghaebogosip-eossneunde hh gibunjohgedo cheosgeseuteuga dohyeon-ihyeong-ieossda gomawoyohyeong ~~^^

Today is the first day of recording for Muzit …I really wanna be MC for this type of music show ㅎㅎ I'm so happy that the first guest is Dohyun hyung, thank you hyung ~~^^

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryeowook's Twitter Update [25.08.10]

예성이형 축하해주러 왔어요~~^^ 예성의 뮤지트 대박♥

yeseong-ihyeong chughahaejuleo wass-eoyo~~^^ yeseong-ui myujiteu daebag♥

I came here to celebrate Yesungie hyung birthday~~^^ Yesung’s first show as the MC in The Muzit is great♥

Donghae's Twitter Update [24.08.10]

아버지 만나러 왔어요^^ 너무 좋네요...ㅎ 공기도 좋고 여긴 아플일이 없을꺼에요 바다가 앞이고 옆에는 산과 나무들만 있어서 ㅎㅎ

abeoji mannaleo wass-eoyo^^ neomu johneyo…h gong-gido johgo yeogin apeul-il-i eobs-eulkkeoeyo badaga ap-igo yeop-eneun sangwa namudeulman iss-eoseo hh

I came here to meet my father ^^ Like it a lot…ㅎ The air is really good, there will not be any upset things here, the sea is right in front of me and there is mountains and trees at the side ㅎㅎ

Donghae's Twitter Update [23.08.10]

너무 배가고파서 신의주 순대^^먹으러 왔어요 with 려욱 ㅎㅎㅎ

neomu baegagopaseo sin-uiju sundae^^meog-euleo wass-eoyo with lyeoug hhh

I'm so full, soondae ^^ I ate this with Ryeowook hahaha

Yesung's brother [Kim Jong Jin] Twitter Update [23.04.10]

형 생일 완전 축하해!! ㅎㅎㅎ

hyeong saeng-il wanjeon chughahae!! hihihi

hyung happy birthday!! hihihi

Yesung's Twitter Update [23.04.10]

27번째 생일 ... 가족과 함께할수있어서 너무행복합니다 .. 지금에 예성이가 될수있도록 항상제옆에서 힘되어주시는 정말고마운분들.. 고맙습니다 ..

27beonjjae saeng-il ... gajoggwa hamkkehalsu-iss-eoseo neomuhaengboghabnida .. jigeum-e yeseong-iga doelsu-issdolog hangsangjeyeop-eseo himdoeeojusineun jeongmalgomaunbundeul.. gomabseubnida ..

27th birthday … I am able to spend it with my family so I feel so happy .. I am really thankful to those who has been by my side and give me support to be who I am now.. Thank you ..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kyuhyun's Twitter Update [22.08.10]

내 머리속의 우성이형.. 완전매너 좋으시고 훈남.. 꿈은 이루어진다lol ㅋㅋㅋ

nae meolisog-ui useong-ihyeong.. wanjeonmaeneo joh-eusigo hunnam.. kkum-eun ilueojinda lol kkk

Our Useongie Hyung... I think he has a perfect attitude...

It's like a dream come true...lol.. kekeke

Yesung's Twitter Update [22.08.10]

SM콘서트 끝나구 와인파티 ^^ 우성이형은 슈주를너무좋아하신다 ~ 정~우성이예요 !! 라고되풀이하시는 ㅋㅋ

SM konseoteu kkeutnagu wainpati ^^ useong-ihyeong-eun syujuleulneomujoh-ahasinda ~ jeong~useong-iyeyo !! lagodoepul-ihasineun keke

The Wine Party after SM concert ^^ Useong hyung likes Super Junior very much ~ It's
!! Keep calling again and again keke

Yesung's Twitter Update [21.08.10]

나의 중학생시절의우상 우성이형과 예성이와의만남 .. ^^

naui junghagsaengsijeol-uiusang useong-ihyeong-gwa yeseong-iwauimannam .. ^^

The meeting of Yesung and the Junior idol day’s idol, Woosung hyung .. ^^

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lee Teuk's twitter update [21.08.10]

그 어떤tv방송프로에서도 볼수없는 초호화급 버라이어티!!!sm town 드디어 오늘 그 대단원의 막을 올립니다!!!^^

geu eotteontvbangsongpeulo-eseodo bolsueobsneun chohohwageub beolaieoti!!!sm town deudieo oneul geu daedan-won-ui mag-eul ollibnida!!!^^

The super luxurious variety show that you cant see in any other tv program!!!
SM town has finally started today!!!^^

Yesung's Twitter Update [20.08.10]

오늘은 SM 콘서트리허설 ... 내일도 우리엘프들 또볼수있는거야 ?? 목아프고 힘들지만 진짜그거하나생각하면서 버텨야지 ...

oneul-eun SM konseoteuliheoseol ... naeildo ulielpeudeul ttobolsu-issneungeoya ?? mog-apeugo himdeuljiman jinjjageugeohanasaeng-gaghamyeonseo beotyeoyaji ...

Today is the day for SM's concert rehearsal ...
Tomorrow will we be able to see our ELFs again ??
My throat hurts...
it’s hard but the only thing I have to think about is to endure …

p/s : between Boa's banner & SJ's banner is DBSK's banner~ omg~ I miss to watch their performance so much~!!! (T_T)
anyway, glad to see that their banner is still up~ ^^

Ryeowook's Twitter Update [20.08.10]

리허설 한창중~~^^ SM가족들 모두모두 화이팅 합시다~!! 기대된다 ㅋㅋ

During the full rehearsal~~^^
Everyone in the SM family let’s do our best~!! Please
look forward towards it ㅋㅋ

피아노치는 규♥

Kyuhyun is playing the piano

Lee Teuk's Twitter update [19.08.10]

미스코리아 진 정소라씨께서 내가 이상형이라는 방송을 봤다..ㅋㅋ감사합니다 정소라씨^^

I saw the broadcast which miss Korea Jung Sora said that I was her ideal type. ㅋㅋ
Thank you, Miss Jung Sora. ^^

the pic credits to System Korea Official Website

Thursday, August 19, 2010

[PIC] [Seoul] SS3 Backstage Pictures

Credits: sports.hankooki.com ; SJ-Market

Brian Joo's Twitter update [19.08.10]

all the clothes I have to wear for the photoshoot... It's gonna be a long day~ 오늘 사진촬영에 입을 옷들... 너무 많다 ㅜ

p/s : he wrote this in English & Korean Language which has the same meaning~ ^^

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woo Young's Twitter account

omg~ now only I know that Woo Young oppa own a twitter account~
anyway~ that's a good thing to hear~ ^^

woo young's Twitter account


Shindong's twitter update [17.08.10]

규현이가 아파요~~~ 몹쓸몸살~~힘내라!!!! 잘자라 우리아가~~ 아 !!! 오늘심심타파 보이는 라디오로 보아씨와 함께합니다 기대바래요 호호호^^

gyuhyeon-iga apayo~~~ mobsseulmomsal~~himnaela!!!! jaljala uliaga~~ a !!! oneulsimsimtapa boineun ladiolo boassiwa hamkkehabnida gidaebalaeyo hohoho^^

Kyuhyunnie is sick~~~ High fever~~ Cheer up!!!! Sleep well our baby~~ Ah !!! Expecting a lot for today’s SimSimTaPa’s viewable radio together with Ms.Boa huhuhu^^

::kyuhyun oppa~
please get well soon~!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Donghae's Twitter update [17.08.10]

교촌치킨 광고촬영^^ 치킨 먹는중 ... 맛있어요 !! 같이 치킨 먹을래요 ?? ^^ 여기가 어딜까요 ?? ㅎㅎㅎ

Kyochon chicken advert
isement photoshoot ^^
I'm eating chicken right now...
Delicious! Would you like to eat chicken with me ?? ^^
Do you know where am I right now ?? heh heh heh

Lee Teuk's twitter update [17.08.10]

슈퍼쇼3..!!감동이였습니다...행복했습니다!!!이제 아시아 투어때만나요!!!♥

Super Show 3..!! I were so impressed!!! I were happy! I'll see you at the tour!!!

the picture : credits to parkjungsu.com

Super Junior Celebration Party [15.08.10]

Donghae oppa~ love your view from the side~

Donghae oppa~
so cute~!!! XD

Ooooooo... (0.o)

omg~ you are looking at me??? XD
wait a minute..
that look..hurmm..you look so tired..
please..have a rest oppa~

Yesung oppa~ ^^

Siwon oppa~

credits : sjmthanks.com

Eunhyuk's Twitter update [17.08.10]

똑똑똑~ 누구...세요? 옛날부터 똑똑하단 얘기 많이 들었는데 똑똑똑이란 노랠 부를 줄이야....후후 자 이제 SM은 우리를 언론홍보팀에 넣어줍니다.

Tok Tok Tok~ Who is… this? Heard people saying I am intelligent since young, but really doesn’t think that I will sing a song like Tok Tok Tok one day..후후 Now, SM has decided to put us into the PR team.

credits : those who own the pics