Thursday, August 26, 2010

Eunhyuk's twitter Update [25.08.10]

SM콘 단체 퍼포먼스 안무 다 틀려서 미안해요...스케줄이 안맞아서 이틀밖에 연습 못했어요...하루 두시간씩...앞에서 다 틀려버려서 애들한테두 미안하네..연습해서 LA땐 잘할께 얘들아ㅜ ㅜ 안무짜 준 재원이형 한테두 미안해여~~~으으으 짜증나ㅜ ㅜ

SMkon danche peopomeonseu anmu da teullyeoseo mianhaeyo...seukejul-i anmaj-aseo iteulbakk-e yeonseub moshaess-eoyo...halu dusiganssig...ap-eseo da teullyeobeolyeoseo aedeulhantedu mianhane..yeonseubhaeseo LAttaen jalhalkke yaedeul-au u anmujja jun jaewon-ihyeong hantedu mianhaeyeo~~~eueueu jjajeungnau T T

I dance wrongly for SM Concert’s group choreography, I'm really sorry…Because the schedule was kinda hard to arrange, practised for 2 days only… and also Only practise two hours per day…In the end, I dance wrongly in front of everyone, really sorry to the those who performed together..I will practise properly and dance well in LAㅜ ㅜ I also apologize to Jaewon hyung who choreograph for us~~~으으으 It was annoying rightㅜ ㅜ

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! SMtown콘서트를 할 때 멸치가 구타 당할 때 살쪄서 은혁이 신동이 될 때 배고픈데 밥이 없을 때 누가 딸기우유 마셨을 때 사랑하는 ELF 봤을 때 내가 쏘리쏘리쏘리 춤을 출 때

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! SMtownkonseoteuleul hal ttae myeolchiga guta danghal ttae saljjyeoseo eunhyeog-i sindong-i doel ttae baegopeunde bab-i eobs-eul ttae nuga ttalgiuyu masyeoss-eul ttae salanghaneun ELF bwass-eul ttae naega ssolissolissoli chum-eul chul ttae

Yo microphone check 1 2 uh! During SMTown concert, anchovy was bullied, Eunhyuk grew fat and became Shindong,I was hungry but there is nothing to eat, people drank strawberry milk,I received ELF’s love, when I was dancing sorry sorry

SMTOWN LIVE 10 와주신 모든 팬 여러분 감사드려요~ 여러분땜에 힘든것도 모르고 무대에서 뛰어 댕긴 것 같아요~ 그리고 SM 전 아티스트,스탭 여러분 진심으로 수고 하셨습니다!!! SM아니면 할 수 없는 일....최고!!!!!^_______^

SMTOWN LIVE 10 wajusin modeun paen yeoleobun gamsadeulyeoyo~ yeoleobunttaem-e himdeungeosdo moleugo mudaeeseo ttwieo daeng-gin geos gat-ayo~ geuligo SM jeon atiseuteu,seutaeb yeoleobun jinsim-eulo sugo hasyeossseubnida!!! SManimyeon hal su eobsneun il....choego!!!!!^_______^

ll the fans that came to watch SMTOWN LIVE 10, thank you~ Everyone doesnt knows what is the meaning of tired and is jumping and cheering on the stage~ And also to all SM celebrities,staffs, I sincerely saying, everyone has worked hard!!! This is something that only SM can do….the best!!!!!^_______^

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