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[Trans] CECI Magazine EXO - K (June 2013 Issue)


Charm : Sincere as well as using a warm charm to lead the members. I am Suho.

Thoughts on comeback : new music, new performance that we want to show to even more people. Like how many people have waited, we want to work even harder.

If you could have any superpower : The power of invisibility. I can go anywhere right? (Next to him, Chen said “You can’t tell the truth about going anywhere”)

Airport photos are : my runway. At the airport, I walk with my eyes. I find it very funny as well when a photo is taken of me with my eyes closed.

Something that is scary among airport photos : Pimples that appear suddenly and clearly under the scrutiny of the high quality cameras. That day I was so busy trying to hide them.

How EXO gives their feedback and opinions to each other : Before we debuted, we used to have one hour weekend meetings. We had to discuss everything we were unhappy with or regretted in the week so that they could be solved. When there was nothing, we just talked about all our strengths and thanked people for things we were grateful for.

EXO gathering for meals : Recently, in order to cheer for our comeback, we had a little party and prepared beef instestines. The kids who are growing ate a 3 person portion each. Maknae Sehun kept running around like hewas crazy, Tao went home to change and came back to barabeque meat and eat.

If 1 000 000 won dropped from the sky : I have to treat members to mean. Kids, speak, korean beef? Sushi?

Your ideal type : Her appearance would be a cultured girl with long straight hair. She should be a lively girl. Because I’m a man, a woman with reversal.

If you were to propose : In crowded Myeongdong shouting loudly in the middle “I love you, please accept my heart”

In order for a successful proposal : As long as you sincerely love someone, I believe that you will always succeed no matter what. Work to the hard.

If you didn’t become an idol : Honestly I have never really thought much about things that have passed. No matter where you are or what you are doing, as long as you are working towards your goal, you will have progress.

As the leader to the company : We will work hard. And, members, love each other.

Suho’s User Manual : You did well, you did well. Please praise me more often. Because praises will help Suho to work even harder at dancing.

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      eng trans: perfectlilworld


Charm : The one who is most suitable to wear eyeliner and a multi-talented lead singer in EXO-K.

Feelings on your birthday, 6th May (Day of Interview) : Very happy to be able to be interviewed and have a photoshoot on my birthday. If I could hear the fans singing Soul StaR’s “Happy Birthday” it’ll be even better. 

About the new album : We practice for 8 hours everyday, along with four hours of solo dance practice, so I would like to tell everyone because our preparation has been very long, we will return with a more charming look. Praises that you want to hear: That we didn’t practice for so long for nothing! 

When searching for Baekhyun online : I think it’s amazing seeing threads which have collected photos of me since we debuted until now. After seeing it, I realised that my face grew fatter T^T 

Have you ever replied to threads : Everyone thinks that I am shorter than Suho and Chen, tempting me to want to send a reply. 

Which member would you introduce your sister to : Mature, smart and model leader Suho hyung. As for the member I will never introduce my sister to, I will not reveal it because I feel sorry. So it’s fine as long as I know it. 

Your ideal type : Kind, polite girl with taste. 

If you were to confess to the girl you like : Buy her favouite fake flowers, kneel in front of her and say “These are fake flowers, I like you, (Note: Fake flowers and I like you sound similar in Korean) please go out with me.” 

If you could be a lead in a movie : I’d be the immature second generation in a rich family who meets a strong, hardworking girl who is very careful with what she spends. This girl changes me and I become Baekhyun who is very successful in both love and my career. 

Reveal a member’s secret : If Suho Hyung gets injured, even if it is just a little bit, he will constantly say it hurts for a month. 

Something you want to ask of the members : Can we be cleaner everyday? 

Baekhyun’s User Manual : After we’re close, I will talk to you non-stop. Don’t feel pressured then, just quietly cover my mouth and I will understand. When I’m tired, I will fall into a daze and this means that I am recharging so at this time, don’t touch! I just need ten minutes for recharging.

Credits :
woo_long via Baixian philippines


Charm appeal is my clean voice.

While resting written the same on all the members faces was ‘concentration’. We were always like that. While concentrating, we definitely concentrate, and while playing, we definitely play (here I would want to show member’s expressions through drawings but since I don’t have paper, I don’t have a way to express it so it’s disappointing).

If I were to compliment the all of the members, without leaving one out, I’m just so thankful that all of the members are nice people. Especially thank you to Suho hyung who cooly leads us like a leader would. And also thanks for having a lacking sense of humor like me. Because it would be lonely if it was just me alone. Opposite, something I would ask of all of the members, as we live as EXO, if something happens that makes you upset or disappointed, not to hold it in but to vent through a conversation at that moment would be good. So that you don’t have any wounds left given from anyone in the future.

Ideal type that shakes my heart is someone whose face is pretty when they smile, an innocent person, and a girl with white skin.

If I were to propose, the place or moment wouldn't be important. Just my heart. ‘Can I be your boyfriend?’

3 Songs I recommend that match as background music for a proposal are 
1) Jeff Benet’s ‘Ms. Seductive’,
 2) Justin Beiber’s ‘Catching Feelings’, 
3) Bruno Mars’ ‘When I was Your Man’. 
All three of the melodies are sweet and the lyrics are pretty.

The thing that I want right now is first place.

In 10 years, the image that I have a goal for is a secret. Won’t the members all be living cooly in ‘ing’? And after 11 years, I believe that we can have a concert while celebrating our anniversary.

A member’s secret is something that should be kept a secret.

D.O is a man who is quietly (clean), when you look at him (he’s shy to strangers), as you become closer to him (he becomes comfortable), as he becomes excited (is someone who saves his words).

D.O’s user manual : Rather than spending his time boisterously, he prefers to spend it quietly. He regards being honest as something important. When tired the words ‘have strength’ seem to be the ones that hit home the hardest. Ah! Kind of hides his face. If you approach him first he’ll welcome you even more.

Credits :

translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans


Charm appeals EXO’s person in charge of infinite positivity and voice with mood.

While resting I did dance and rap making with Kai, Baekhyun, and guitar practice with D.O. The newly started studying of composition and songwriting is fun as well. I’m enjoying it because I feel like what I can show is gradually increasing.

Thoughts on comeback I longed for the fans and the stage the most. As much as I longed for it, I became firm so rather then saying I will work hard I want to show a completed stage.

Comeback album hint forest, tree, cave.

A happening that made your heart hot recently : A while ago we went to an orphanage to do some volunteer work. Every time we go back, I feel like my heart’s warmness is getting charged, I was happy. Thanks to them, I also gained a precious chance to look back upon myself.

A treasured item : Because I am a cautious buyer, I can brag that I never regret after shopping. An even bigger pride is the desk that I cautiously bought recently. A not brag that because of that, the room got smaller.

Parents’ genes I inherited : my positive energy from my mother, and sensitivity from my father. I feel it stronger, now after I turned twenty years old. I love you. ♡

Definition of ‘manly’ : A man that carries unexpectedly strength in the midst of softness. Can I say with my own lips ‘For me, when I’m a jokester and when I am focusing on something, like playing different instruments or rapping, I will be quite…manly.’

An unexpectedly good thing because of living as EXO : A miracle that a sloth like me can wake up in the dorm without an alarm. Thanks to that, my mother is happy.

An ideal type that shakes your heart : A person that matches the same laughing code and music preference. My heart beats when I hear ‘I like this music too.’

If I were to propose I would like to play a song that I like while giving her a flower in a live house that only has us two. Our love that becomes one through music.

Chanyeol is quite (delicate), if you get to know (adult-like), the closer you become (a person whose playfulness becomes more severe), when excited (voice gets louder), to the person he likes (endlessly friendly) man.

Chanyeol's manual : When you are bored, if you speak to (me) a fun happening will occur. I like chatting. Just talk. Wherever the place is, like a jukebox I will play music for you. For future reference, I don’t bite.

Credits : 

translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans


Charm : The guy with humour who is charge of dance and being SEXY in EXO.

Introduce EXO in ten words : The twelve most powerful pretty boys in the entire universe!

Sub-topic : In the eyes of men, all the members look very handsome too.

Break time : SUHO hyung seemed to be in deep thought, pondering about stuff the wholeday. Chanyeol is always smiling, Baekhyun hyung with Chen hyung, and Sehun keep talking. And Kris hyung is behind them doing gags seriously. Luhan hyung is in the living room walking around back and forth. Xiumin hyung is at the side tidying things up. And Lay hyung who likes to enjoy time in a blur manner. And Tao is at the side looking at the mirror.

Favourite nicknames : Kim Kai, GGamjong (T/N: black jong), sky lark (T/N: jong dal sae)

Current wallpaper : For my handphone, it is a picture of me and Luhan hyung when we were watching Man U FC vs Chelsea FC.A prove shot taken when I was putting my thumbs up for Chelsea's win. Same for our SNS background. On the SNS it says,"Chelsea won kekekeke"

Genes you are thankful for? : Regarding Kim Jong In, this person as a whole is very satisfactory. It's very difficult to find something about him that I don't like. hu.

Even I feel that I look sexy when..? : After training in the practice room, when I look into the mirror after changing my sweat-drenched shirt. hu.

Ideal type : A woman who is as white as snow. Even if she is not the best in her field, I hope she is someone who has pride and passion.

How to confess : At the most unpredicted and unexpected timing, I would confess in the form of a surprise with a drawing. Very sudden. pa!

Anticipated reaction : I will try hard to not let her notice, I want to see her shocked face.

Confession that you want to receive : As long as it is sincere and heartfelt, even if it is just a sentence, it is also OK.

Members' secret: Apparently Kim Jongin's skin underneath the clothes is really white and fair. And many people don't know actually EXO back in EXOPLANET are also city kids.

Kai's user manual : Don't think that I look embarrassing when I'm watching Iron Man. Don't disturb me when I'm sleeping. Of course, except when the delivery for fried chicken comes. When you are with me for a long time you will know that I'm a guy who is very easy to understand. I'm very innocent~ Activate. Though many people may not know, there's still a little cuteness in me. As long as people love me, I'll return the love that is twice of that amount!

Credits : 
kor-chi trans:woo_long
      chi-eng trans: exonyeoshidae

Sehun : 

Charm appeal : the required default option of the maknae is aegyo.

Amongst 12 men, maknae’s road is thanks to the hyungs I recieve a lot of cuteness. Even if I’m reborn again, I call being EXO’s maknae. Yaja time game a while ago at a birthday party, in the given 10 minutes of yaja time, without looking back, I roughly stepped forward. If I go on, because I feel like I will no longer be a person of this world, I need to return as the precious maknae.

If I have a super power I would want to be able to control emotions and feelings. Showing people you love your tired side is kind of sad.

Ideal type that shakes my heart is someone who sincerely worries about me when she hurts me and approaches me first to spread medicine on me. (And Miranda Kerr ♥).

If I were to propose on a quiet night with the sun setting playing with firecrackers on the beach. After that, I’d grab her hand and if I say “I don’t think I can be without you. I’ll love you until I die” it makes your hands curl up doesn’t it? When I get older will I be able to say it in a more okay way?

A member’s secret is that Suho hyung can’t watch scary things. If he can watch a horror movie he makes a lot of nosie, but the uncomfortable truth is that he’s on the internet and he can’t actually watch.

If I go to a convenient store
, snacks and chocolate, Jelly corner are first.

If I were to steal an ability from a member, I would take Baekhyun’s sense of humor, Kai’s exposing of white skin, Chanyeol Hyung’s happy personality, D.O hyung’s pretty smile, Suho hyung’s honesty. The representative of a stiff body, Suho hyung. (…hyung I’m kidding) I’m a selfish person who wants to steal everything, but I have to withstand with my lacking charm.

A recent concern I have is before sleeping and after waking up worrying. Today what clothes and how should I wear it so it’ll look nice. I am sexy after a shower standing in front of a mirror with no make up on and making a pose. It’s not really sexy, but it’s really kind of cool. I’m just looking at myself alone.

Three of my charming points are that I smile well, my warm heart, and my collarbones.

Sehun’s user manual : If I’m excited, it’s hard to control myself. I would be thankful if you could understand even if I’m loud. I will become calm soon. Because my blood type is O, if I receive many people’s criticism at once, I get really hurt. Please look after me well in the future.

Credits :

translation cr; zesha @ exok-trans

[Trans] CECI Magazine EXO - M (June 2013 Issue)


Charm : Name in Chinese means “deer of the dawn”. Is the lead vocal and lead dancer. Chinese.

Thoughts of EXO together as 12 : Every free moment of every day is as fun as in a classroom. When we’re in the practice room, we are 12 times as rowdy. But once we start practicing, everyone’s eyes change immediately, and the fire in our eyes is also multiplied by 12.

 About the comeback album : It’s a style different from others. Because it’s a secret, I won’t say any more for now. Shh….

Free Time : A while ago I went back to China, and did some things I should be doing as an only child.

What he dislikes when he looks in the mirror : I am satisfied with everything my parents have given me. 

When he think he is very manly : Always, especially when I play soccer.

How he feels about the Crazy Frog nickname : That’s just Tao, he’s the only one who thinks that.

Send a telepathic message to another member (Sehun) : Let’s go get bubble tea after the interview’s over? 

Luhan’s Korean class : A word I like to say nowadays is “Aigoo”. I always use it when I’m shocked, sympathetic, or worried. Another one I use often is “heol”.

Treasured possessions : Recently I’ve been into RPG games and the computer that is used to play games and go on the internet. And there’s also my own little space — my bed, and closet. Especially if I can scramble over other people and play on my own bed.

On the internet : I would look for pictures of myself. Seeing the beautiful pictures the fans take makes me really happy, thank you guys.

Proposal : At night on the street when there’s no one around, I will bring flowers and kiss her.

If he is proposed to : It would be great if she can cook a meal for me herself. If she doesn’t know what ingredients to use, I am a carnivore, so as long as there’s meat I’m good.

 Why Luhan would be a good boyfriend : Good personality, will always protect her no matter what, and of course handsome. Haha, just kidding about the last one.

What he wants to say to fans : Thank you for waiting so long for us, I really love you guys.

 Luhan's User Manual : When I’m tired and stressed, just a little bit of concern would mean a lot, something like “Are you tired? Do your best” is enough. I will really gain a lot of strength! Usually I’m really shy, especially around strangers, but after I get to know you I’m a warm person. I hope you guys will be able to understand ^_^

Translation Credits 


Charm's appeal : cutie eldest hyung.

While resting I played together with Luhan at the cafe and enjoyed (my) individual time while shopping.

Xiumin’s shopping technique : Of course impulse shopping is the truth.

Cheeks that disappeared diet TIP : Become chic in front of food. Don’t ever look at it first. Although, the me that has a hard time with that, will soon go back to the full cheek baozi.

Pros and cons of being a baby face : The danger of hearing informal speech from someone younger than me at our first meeting. I don’t really know about pros. I’m not sure if the physical age of 24 years is passing correctly as yesterday and today are different. cough cough.

Danger of being the eldest hyung : The I.D. ranking hyungnim is a pretty important area amongst men. If there is a SOS, there are many times that I have to take charge. Of course it’s very, extremely, often trivial matters.

Xiumin’s conversational habits : I answer well to questions asked and I carry an ear that listens well. I take the role of EXO’s troubles counselor with a serious personality and rich reactions. Recent trouble content is no comment.

Xiumin’s Chinese class : a recently learned word Dui bu qi, wo bu hui (I’m sorry, I can’t do it). Because heavy lips* is also a counselor’s role.

Recent interests : We received a bunch of comic books for our first anniversary present and even now I am reading them well.

3 of Xiumin’s charming points : A man that is solitary, a man that is chic, but to my person, a soft man. In conclusion, a charming person.

3 reasons why Xiumin would be a good boyfriend : I’m strong, I have an innate sense, I’m considerate. To prove my strength, I will hold the example of overpowering all the members in arm wrestling.

If I were to propose : In a concert hall that is filled with many people, I would cry out to her ‘We are one, we can’t fall apart, I love you.’

Bragging about the award won in China : Recently in China, at ‘13th Annual Music Billboard Award Ceremony,’ we won most popular group. Just as it states, best! Oh, yeah! Thankful to the fans that gave us this big award. Along with that, deep thanks towards the parents of EXO who gave birth to these cool sons. xie xie.

An award you want to win a year later : ‘image transformation success award,’ now becoming a matured and sexy man.

Xiumin's manual is easy. As long as the surroundings are kept clean, always happy smile. I’m kind of tidy.

t/n : heavy lips means that you keep your mouth shut.

Credits :

translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans


Charm appeal : Looks sharp, but sloppy and dumb in reality. Seems cold, but fiery in the inside. A handsome person. Nationality is China.

In leisure : Visited family and friends in Canada. Next time I hope to go skydiving or play actively and roll about at sea for an entire day. As much as I enjoy traveling, I’d need to make plans every chance I find.

Advantage to a job as an idol : Too many to count, but one of its blessings is being able to visit one country after another.

Recent style transformation : Went through a transformation because Iw anted to be wreckless with the new comeback album. The advatange is styling time has been reduced. A downside is the limit to various styles. I want to cry because at the latter.

Current passion and interests :
Hair styling, hats, electronic music.

Prize possession : Letters from fans, always.

Privilege of the dramaphile : I’ve been deeply absorbed in “Nice Guy”, as if I am main character Kang Maru. Resilient scenario. All of the actors were admirable.

3 Things you need when in love : Love, Love, Love.

If you were to propose? : “I like you, what can I do?”

A reaction you expect from her : 0_0, ^_^, ^0^, <3 b="">

Self-made compliments : Mandarin, English, Korean available. These skills are crucial for me because I participate in promotions abroad.

Time to compliment other members : Suho is brilliant at whatever he does. Baekhyun’s great at uplifting the mood, Kai dances well, and Chen is great at singing. Tao is empathetic of his hyungs’ feelings, Xiumin is helpful, and I’m grateful to D.O because he looks after the members very well. I thank Lay who cooks well, I thank Lu Han for being good at soccer so I can take charge in basketball, and I’m thankful to Sehun for being attentitive to his maknae responsibilities. And Chanyeol, the Chicken Nuggets were tasty. Thanks.

Something you would improve : Nothing. I’m good-natured so I’ll watch on for a little longer. I love them all.

To the fans : Thank you for waiting and encouraging us through it all. We’ll return the favor with a good album.

Kris' instructional manual : He functions if he eats and sleeps sufficiently. You may not have known this, but he’s slightly cute, too. And if you love him, he’s a good man who’ll love you twice as much back.

Credits : 

translation cr; juliana @ exok-trans


Attractive point : Warm guy, healing boy. Nationality- Chinese

Praises you want to hear : This is my first time attempting a blonde/ yellow hairstyle. So I'm half anticipating and half worried about what people will say about whether it suits me.
Break time : For myself, it would be composing songs and writing lyrics. Improving on what I'm weak in after attending lessons. And of course, this time my songs weren't chosen for this album. In order to be able to show my perfect side, I wish to work hard so that everyone can listen to my composition.
Regarding Lay's composition : Started composing for fun since 13 years old. Out of the members, Baekhyun and Luhan love my ballads the most, they are my support team. Kris is my assistant in the editing process of my composition. So here I am, saying thank you to you guys.
To Lay, composing is : I feel that the most important thing is the heartfelt intentions between people. I belong to the sentimental/emotional type, I get my inspiration from the the details you miss in a short experience, the family members whom I love, friends, and the emotions I get from my five senses, and when I am playing the piano.
Musicians you respect and admire : Determined Beethoven and exceptionally talented music genius Mozart.
Area in which you are better than them? : I'm better at dancing, compared to them.

SM seniors : They always encourage us, giving us detailed tips in aspects like live performances, choreography, or camera works. They are all angels.
Secret skill people don't known : Ability to joke around. It's such a pity people don't know my comedic skills.
Dance machine's waist status : Thanks to everyone, it's a lot better now. I can only say thank you.
Things you treasure : You can't really say things, but rather, humans, people. Because of the fans, there's the present me. I definitely have to treasure and cherish them.
Confession : "I will make you the most blissful woman on earth. Trust me."
Reasons why Lay is the perfect boyfriend : I can give my all and love only one woman wholeheartedly, I can do anything for her, I can give her warm hugs.
3 things you anticipate from 'her' : Call her little piggy, and not feel sad about it. And I will face her cutely; she will only love me, understands me, and does aegyo to me occasionally.
Lay's aegyo : zero, I'm very manly.
To Asian fans : Thank you for caring about me no matter where you are, may you guys be healthy and happy.
Lay's user manual : No coke and soda and I won't eat. But you still have to say you love me, kay? And hug my warmly and I'll become better.

Credits : 

kor-chi trans: 海天月夜
chi-eng trans: exonyeoshidae


Charm's appeal : Main vocal, a skinny pig. 

‘Skinny pig’ definition : I’m worried that I don’t gain as much weight as I eat. On the other hand of not gaining weight after eating and eating, I shed weight at the same time. So I’ve put a lot of care into managing my weight so my face would look nice. 

In leisure : In fear I may grow lax, I’ve set my mind straight. I try to work twice as much as the fans had to wait for our comeback. 

A type that makes you swoon : Charming eyes, diligent personality, A big heart that will pet me and tolerate my grouchiness. 

When I propose : I’ll pretend to pick up some berverages during a night parade at an amusement park and surprise her in an entourage. And then I’ll step forward and say “Will you marry me?” 

A reaction you expect from her : I wish she’d run into my arms. 

If SHE proposes? : Doesn't matter. It’d be enough to hear that she loves me. 

If you were to acquire a million dollar insurance? : My vocal chord. I want to sing my whole life. 

EXO’s office dinner : Cluttered and noisy, a chaos. Even when all 12 members say one thing each, it’d be a mouthful. 

Member’s alcohol tolerance ranking : The strongest is Xiumin hyung. Then Chanyeol-Chen-Kris hyung-Lu Han hyung, in that order. Besides that, the rest are on similar levels, but Lay, whose face fires up after one shot, is surely the last. 

3 Wishes to God : I’m curious about the afterlife. I’ll just look around. If there are extraterrestrials, please bring them to me. I want an elixir that can cure any disease. 

Chen’s 3 charming points : Thick earlobes that lure sin good fortune, a mole under my neck, a masculine character, and as a bonus, a mounted loyalty. 

Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Chen’s ‘Beagle’ theory is? : A rumor, a misconception. Compared to Baekhyun and Chanyeol I’m a strictly plain kid. 

A skill you want to steal from another member : Lay hyung and Kai’s dance instinct. 

Today’s highlight choreo is? : No comment today. I’ll show you soon on stage. 

Chen’s instructional manual : He’s brimming with vivacity as long as he’s fed at every meal and is allowed to snack frequently in between. Don’t worry about leaving him alone by himself. He’ll do fine. He likes to watch movies. If you want to hang out with him, take him to the cinema, please.

Credits :

translation cr; juliana @ exok-trans


Attractive points : Different from his (mature) outer appearance, the second maknae enjoys fooling around and playing (like a kid). Nationality, Chinese.

During break time : Eat, exercise, prepare for the new album. Keep repeating and repeating and repeating these three activities. 

Thoughts on coming together as 12 : PERFORMANCE scale became even bigger. The power we share becomes even stronger. Because we have gathered together, practice time became twice as happy and fun. And due to this, I feel that our TEAM WORK has improved. 

You tend to have many tears : It used to be like this last time, but not now. The last time I cried was a few days ago, when I returned to China during my holiday/leave, and on the plane back to Korea, when I think of the fact that I cannot see my family and friends for a period of time in the future made me tear. Actually, this is supposed to be a secret.

If you use your TIME CONTROL power : When I see bad guys doing bad stuff, I will catch him and send him to the police, or, persuade him not to commit the crime. And when I see pretty ladies, I also hope that time will slow down. Like this, I can then keep staring at her. 

The power you want most : No matter how I think, it would be TIME CONTROL.

Banmal (Informal speaking) GAME TIME : Suho ya, can you give me some rice? Ne, the main point is to say it heartedly. But honestly, (Suho) hyung is really good to me. Because I like him so I want to mention him. 

Ideal type : It would be good if she is pretty and kindhearted. I gain interest in girls who are not showing concern to me. Why is this so? 

Reasons why Tao is the perfect boyfriend : Wellmannered, sexy, good at wushu. And he is a man who is rich spiritually and economically (bankbook wise). Able to demonstrate the uniqueness of an AB-bloodtype bad boy. As lively and energetic as a roller coaster, and I will make your day not boring. 

Tao selca secret : Take many photos (Bulk produce). You have to figure out your best angle yourself.

What is sexy to Tao? : Something I'm born with.

To the sexy Tao, what are dark eye circles? : Without them, I, I am not Tao anymore.

To the Tao 1 year later : All your dreams will come true. FIGHTING.

Tao's user manual : I can't make the first move. So, just come to me passionately. To become mine fully takes time. But even if so, do take up the challenge! Must!

Credits : 

kor-chi trans: 海天月夜
chi-eng trans: exonyeoshidae