Monday, May 9, 2011

[INTERVIEW] [04.05.11] - X-5 For A Strong Performance, We Tied On Sandbags And Practiced”


While most singers have a bright and fresh transformation as spring comes, there is an idol group that is garnering attention as they put out a black charisma.

It’s the newcomer group, X-5, who comes out with the average height of the five members is 186cm. Leader Ghun who is 183cm, could’ve been the tallest member if he was put in another group, is the shortest in his group. They are the ‘tallest-dols’ in the country.

Their debut song, ‘The Show is Over’, is a dance song that was created in a tough manner about a man’s true emotions after being betrayed by his lover. The ‘chopping dance’ where they roughly grab their lips on stage, and their highlight point of the ‘moonwalk dance’, made an impressive performance.

However, this isn’t enough for X-5 and they showed their greed.

“Because we’re tall, our dancing can look a bit awkward. After going out on our first broadcast, we thought that the choreography should look a bit cleaner so each person got a 4kg sandbag. We put on the sandbags on our arms and legs and practiced again. Although I think it helped a bit, we still need to practice more.” (Ghun)

X-5 is made up of 3 vocals and 2 rappers. The vocals are divided into Haewon as bass, Ghun as soprano, and Taefung as alto. Zin, who received influence from Eminem and Sulhu, who heard Drunken Tiger and started learning rap, are in charge of the rapping.

Their training days were a bit over 1~2 years. Although it may seem short, they said in chorus that it was a ‘sharper and shorter’ training than any other team.

“We never were able to see our parents. Even if it’s Lunar New Year or Chuseok, we woke up every day in the dorms at 7 AM and practiced till 12 PM. We had learned dance, singing, health, Japanese, and even culture. I wasn’t able to eat kimchi at first. But the company’s CEO told me I needed to learn how to eat kimchi, so I even learned how to eat kimchi. So I eat it well now. (Laughter)” (Sulhu)

The members, who are tall like models and have a strong impression, truthfully said that cute songs wouldn’t fit them well.

“We sang a cute song during practice one time. It didn’t fit us. Cute songs don’t work, but bright songs can work for us. Because our concept is a strong one right now, some people says ‘isn’t it too strong’. We’ll be showing many charms, so look forward to it!” (Ghun)

Credits : Osen (SOURCE);; yeoljjung @ X-FIVE STAR (TRANS)

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