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[INTERVIEW] [06.05.11] - Five Uniques & Refined Males, X-5 Has Come.

I met these refined males in the sweet spring. I couldn’t believe that they were newcomers who only debuted a couple of weeks ago. Just like their strong and cool stage, their modest and confident eyes predict a new wind.

X-5 was that kind of group. They confidently included the Greek word, ‘XENOS’, which means ‘allomorph stranger’, into their team name. It’s their ambition to show a unique color, different from any other idol group. Any rookie is fresh. However, X-5’s freshness has ‘this special thing’ that we can’t explain.

Leader Ghun (23) with the soft charisma, Haewon (21) with the dreamy eyes, Taefung (21) with storm-like vocals, Zin (19) who knows from right to wrong, and the innocent maknae, Sulhu (17). They have thrown their hats into the ring of the music industry with their title song, ‘The Show is Over’, which has a mixture of hip-hop rhythms and electronic sounds.

All of your names are unique. The meaning behind those names?

▶ My name has the Chinese character of ‘to be stronger’. As much as I’m the leader, I wanted to strongly hold up the other members. (Ghun)

My real name is Jung Haewon. Because my name is unique, I think people look at me as if I’m unique. (Haewon)

My personality style is telling ‘right things are right, and wrong things are wrong’, so I picked my name like this as well. And my real name has ‘Jin’ in it twice. (Zin)

A company employee picked this name, but I liked it. I want to sweep the music industry like my name. (Taefung)

It has the meaning of ‘after the snow falls’ in Chinese characters. It’s to say I’m innocent. (Sulhu)

How did you feel after finishing your long trainee days and finally standing on stage?

▶ The responses during our showcase were really good. That’s why we worked harder on our debut stage. Because succeeding is our goal, not debuting, we thought a lot about needing to do well. But we’re never fully content with our performances. Because we want to show 100%.

Your title song, ‘The Show is Over’, is quite a strong song. How did you take it in?

▶ When we first received the song, we worried a lot about how we would digest it. Because the lyrics express a man’s feelings of being betrayed by love, we thought a lot about it as well. None of us have any experience in dating. We listened to many sad songs instead.

The music industry currently has many idol groups. How do you plan to differentiate from them?

▶ Although there are many seniors we look up to, we want to have our own color. It’s not like your color is decided after releasing one album. We want to at least release a couple albums, and improve while doing more promotions in the entertainment industry. Although we can’t firmly say that ‘this’ is our own color, we’ll try our best.

What do you think about international promotions?

▶ Of course we’re thinking about international promotions. There’s a Hallyu newspaper called, Kanfun, and we had an interview last week with it. We have a performance in Indonesia next month, and we plan to perform in July at Singapore and in September for Thailand. We’ve already gained many international fans as well. We want to make our fans touched by showing a better stage.

There are many singers who become actors lately, do you have any thoughts about on trying something else out?

▶ We want to do everything. Experience is important. We have member from the Theater and Film Department and another one who has experience with musicals. I think it’s really charming to have done something in another field. We also have greed to do variety shows. I think we would do well if we could go on the TV program, ‘We Got Married’.

A goal you want to achieve as a singer this year?

▶ Our top goal is definitely to get the newcomer award. Because you can only get this award once in your lifetime, we are trying to do our best. Since we are still newcomers, we think we need to inform the public about ourselves. We also want to get 1st place on a music program.

It hasn’t been long since you’ve debuted, but you have many fans. A word to your fans?

▶ We would like it if you watched over us. Please cheer us on every time we go on stage, and love us a lot. Our fans’ love is a big strength to us. If we gain more fans, we’ll show our abs (laughter). We’ll show various charms to X-5 in the future. We’ll do our best!

Credits : Asia Today (SOURCE);; yeoljjung @ X-FIVE STAR (TRANS)

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