Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Block B's Ideal Type

Zico: An innocent face, a voluminous body. I love it when a bagel girl is hard at work, concentrating on something. (I'm not a pervert. It's my personal taste, so please respect that.)

Park Kyung: Someone who cares for others without trying to make it obvious.

B-Bomb: Someone who's charming when they laugh. It'd be a plus if they had a dimple. For example, 'Coffee Prince' Yoon Eun Hye.

P.O: A girl that uses chopsticks prettily.

U-Kwon: A woman that matches short hair cuts.

There were no Ideal Type stated for Taeil and Jaehyo. >//<

Credits: bontheblock@tumblr

Aww park kyung, that's so sweet of you :)
Gosh. P.O and U-Kwon, are you guys that innocent? ^O^
No, Zico. You're not a pervert but indeed you are way too honest xD
B-Bomb is at least the normal one. Hahah.


  1. I don't understand. What is a bagel girl?

    1. (Ba) baby face
      (Gel) Glamorous body

  2. Bagel girl is a girl with a baby face but has a hot & sexy body :)