Saturday, December 25, 2010

The boys of JYJ wish their fans a very “Merry Christmas”

On December 14th, the trio of JYJ released a “D-10″ teaser video, which hinted at a special event. Their official website finally revealed the contents of the teaser on December 24th!

JYJ’s management, CJES Entertainment, uploaded detailed information on JYJ’s “The Beginning” album, their upcoming schedules, and a variety of different photos and videos from their concerts and photoshoots. The members also released individual Christmas greeting videos for their fans.

Jaejoong glibly confessed, “Does everyone have a significant other? I don’t, so I’ll be spending my Christmas with the fellow members.”

Yoochun stated, “By the time everyone watches this video, the three members of JYJ will probably be getting colder.”

Junsu joked, “I want to spend a happy Christmas, but every time I tell everyone to have a Merry Christmas with the people they love, my throat closes up and I get lonely.”

JYJ’s official website can be viewed in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, and it plans to open an official membership guide for Korean fans in January.

The “Membership” tab, which is not open at the moment, will allow membership fans to gain access to behind-the-scene videos of JYJ and their photoshoots, along with the opportuniy to receive event invitation tickets and direct communication with their idols.

So visit their official website now if you haven’t yet!

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merry christmas JYJ~ ^^

aaawww..jaejoong oppa~ don't be sad~ I'm sure you'll find one for you~ ^^
(how I wish I could be that special someone for him xD)

SHINee’s Jonghyun unable to fully participate for upcoming concerts

As most people are preparing to hunker down and enjoy Christmas, the boys of SHINee are practicing hard for their dual Japanese concerts at the Yoyogi Stadium on December 26th. In addition, they’re scheduled to hold their first solo concert in Korea the following week on January 1st and 2nd.

As many of you know, Jonghyun suffered ligament injuries last month and because of this injury he will be unable to participate in the performances. He will sing on the stage however and a trained Chinese dancer will take over his spot for the dance routines.

Here’s a translation of his post on SHINee’s SMTown message board courtesy of atlantis-x:

Hello~ I am SHINee’s Bling Bling Jonghyun!!
SHINee’s first ever individual concert that you have all been waiting for will be held soon~
The Japan show is on 26th Dec, Sunday~ The Korea shows will be on 1st and 2nd January!!
Everyone must be anticipating right? ^^
Hurry raise your hand if you are coming!
The members and I are still rehearsing for our concert, spending days feeling as if we are on the edge of our seat every moment.
Actually this concert is something that each of the members have dreamt about since debut.
So we are especially more nervous and also looking forward to it~~~
But there is something to be regretful about,
Because of my injured ankle, there will be some performances during the concert that I will not be able to participate in.
Even though it’s not very realistic, but because of this concert, I really wanted to go on stage despite my injury.
Everyone has been worried about me because of this… ^^
But! I am still very healthy! ㅋㅋ
As compared to performing on stage, I will be focusing more on singing for this concert.
Even though I really wanted to present a perfect stage to everyone… Really sorry about this…
I hope everyone can understand…ㅠㅠ
But I will still greet everyone with charismatic song performances~
Also, when I am singing, there are some songs where the dance segments
Will be undertaken by a trainee from our company..
This hoobae is a Chinese and his skills are really good so everyone need not worry~^^
He will be taking my place until my leg recovers,
Helping us out for the dance performances during the Japan and Korea concerts
Everyone please support him~~~
I of course will still be performing on stage
So please do not worry!! ㅎㅎㅎ
Then, let’s end this here for our charismatic concert..
Let us meet at the concert venue itself ~~~❤

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aaawwwwww~ jonghyun oppa~ please get well soon~ (>_<)
no matter what happen~ Imma blingers foreva xD

B2ST - Lights Go On Again full audio track~

Idol group B2ST finally released their digital album, ‘My Story‘, just in time for Christmas.

On December 24th, CUBE Entertainment revealed, “B2ST’s true confessions towards their fans will be contained in ‘Lights Go On Again‘ (Full ver.). This song will be released on the afternoon of 24th.”

The song, ‘Lights Go On Again’ was part of B2ST’s 4th album as the intro, and it received much love because of its acoustic melody. The full version of the song was first revealed during their concert, and was such a hit that B2ST decided to push a physical release of the track.

The lyrics for ‘Lights Go On Again’ thanks their fans who were with them and cheered them on in the first year since their debut. Because of their gratitude, B2ST personally undertook to write the lyrics.

my dream has finally came true~! xD
owh yeah baby~ I've been waiting for this for so long~ \(^0^)/

p/s : can finally online after SPM (final year of high school exam) is OVER ~
even though the exam has over for like 17 days ago ago but because of certain circumstances~
I just couldn't online (T_T) but who cares as long as I can online already~ xD

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B2ST’s Hyunseung & Kikwang release - Let It Snow

B2ST’s third unit (consisting of Hyunseung and Kikwang) finally revealed their duet track, “Let It Snow,” on the afternoon of December 23rd.

A part of the group’s digital album, “My Story,” the song follows the releases of Doojoon & Dongwoon’s “When This Door Closes” and Junhyung & Yoseob’s “Thanks to.”

As both songs are currently ranking in on major music charts, many are expecting “Let It Snow” (a sexy pop ballad) to do just as well as the two other units.

Check it out below, and remember to support the artists by purchasing the music!

yea~ I know oppa deul~ love ya too~ ^^

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B2ST’s Junhyung & Yoseob - Thanks to

I just love this song~!
Junhyung's rap is so manly~ and yoseob's vocal is awesome~
this song is totally my favourite out of all tracks in this album "My Story".

The lyrics of this song is so sweeeet~
when I
first heard it.. I were like.. "aaaaawwww :)"
yeap~ it's for us the b2utys ^^

really really really wanna watch them perform this song live~! ^0^

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B2ST’s Doojoon and Dongwoon - When the Door Closes

honestly... I just love this song~ their voices are so soft and no doubt that they both are really talented~ ^^
For those who love ballad & slow type of song...
you guys should check this song out =)

This is the live version of this song ^^

Dongwoon and Doojoon have really shone in their performance of their self-composed track,
“When the Door Closes“, with their solid vocals plus the piano playing skills.

credits : allkpop