Saturday, December 25, 2010

The boys of JYJ wish their fans a very “Merry Christmas”

On December 14th, the trio of JYJ released a “D-10″ teaser video, which hinted at a special event. Their official website finally revealed the contents of the teaser on December 24th!

JYJ’s management, CJES Entertainment, uploaded detailed information on JYJ’s “The Beginning” album, their upcoming schedules, and a variety of different photos and videos from their concerts and photoshoots. The members also released individual Christmas greeting videos for their fans.

Jaejoong glibly confessed, “Does everyone have a significant other? I don’t, so I’ll be spending my Christmas with the fellow members.”

Yoochun stated, “By the time everyone watches this video, the three members of JYJ will probably be getting colder.”

Junsu joked, “I want to spend a happy Christmas, but every time I tell everyone to have a Merry Christmas with the people they love, my throat closes up and I get lonely.”

JYJ’s official website can be viewed in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese, and it plans to open an official membership guide for Korean fans in January.

The “Membership” tab, which is not open at the moment, will allow membership fans to gain access to behind-the-scene videos of JYJ and their photoshoots, along with the opportuniy to receive event invitation tickets and direct communication with their idols.

So visit their official website now if you haven’t yet!

credits : allkpop

merry christmas JYJ~ ^^

aaawww..jaejoong oppa~ don't be sad~ I'm sure you'll find one for you~ ^^
(how I wish I could be that special someone for him xD)

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