Friday, May 6, 2011

X-5’s Haewon is fluent in three languages

In an interview with Sports Chosun, X-5’s Haewon revealed that he’s fluent in three languages.

Born in 1991, he boasts a tall height of 186 cm, and has handsome looks to boot. There’s more behind that pretty face, though, as it was discovered that he’s fluent in Russian, English, and Japanese.

Haewon explained, “My father’s a diplomat so I lived in Ukraine from my sixth year of elementary school till my third year of junior high. I can freely speak in Russian and English thanks to the experience. I’ve recently picked up Japanese for our Japanese advancement.”

The other members of X-5 added, “We once had to shoot a video in English for an international media outlet. The rest of us just greeted the camera and left everything else up to Haewon. He’s got a bit of a Russian accent, but he’s still really good.”

Credits : Allkpop

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