Tuesday, August 31, 2010

CNBLUE celebrates with F.T Island

A picture was released recently, showing the CNBLUE members celebrating F.T Island’s comeback. They are under the same companies, so F.T Island is their sunbae band.

Their newest track, Love Love Love, has been topping the charts, and CNBLUE decided to congratulate them. On the 30th, the boys got together in their practice rooms and celebrated.

The nine members are all together in this photo, so it’s definitely some eye candy for fangirls.

FNC Music said, “They are under the same company but they have even more similar qualities so they are called brother bands. They work together and cheer each other on. Lee Hongki even cheered CNBLUE on during their debut online by asking fans to support CNBLUE.

credits : allkpop

aaawwww...they are so adorable~ ^^
such a cute brothers~ =)

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