Wednesday, June 1, 2011

SHINee’s Taemin draws interest for his mature look

SHINee’s maknae Taemin was recently spotted with a more mature look while guesting on SBS Power FM’s “Kim Heechul’s Youngstreet“.

The star was a special DJ for the show, and so his picture (snapped alongside groupmate Key!) was shared through the radio’s official homepage. Taemin’s usually known for his youthful looks as the team’s maknae, so fans were pleasantly surprised with the change in image.

With his relaxed brown hair and milky skin, he looks to be much older than his age. Netizens commented, “I can already smell the scent of a man”, “I’m falling for him!”, “Key looks like the dongseng in the picture”, and “He’s no longer a boy.”

Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate

Credits : Allkpop

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