Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Hot! Debut Diary] Teen Top - Rascal Rapper LJoe!

In America he was called ‘Joe’, so L.Joe added his Korean last name ‘Lee’ to make his name.

L.Joe dreamt to become a singer since his childhood days. “On elementary school, Jo PD’s ‘friend’ her by chance my rap so he became interested.” Then L.Joe added while thinking of the past “Even if we emigrated in America I had a great interest in rap, and with my foreign friends who liked rap too, we used to gather and pratice it.” “‘I declared that ‘to achieve my dream to become singer I’ll come back in Korea’ but my parents showed a strong opposition, and after one month of trying to convince them, I came back to Korea without my mother knowing, I only had the consent of my father.”

L.Joe who came to Korea was interested into the Department of Theater and Film at the art middle school, to enter it he first registered at a acting academy.

When I came back in Korea I thought that everything would go smoothly “Seeing that I failed at various auditions, it felt like the way to become singer was growing longer and longer.” I was sorry towards my father who trusted me and sent me in Korea, and to my mother who didn’t know I came back.”He added: “I was worried about weither I should come back in America, but the I saw that their was a public audition at Lotte World, I thought that this one would be the last one and I applied.” And then he won the prize and that how L.Joe had the chance to become a trainee.

Now at the company, L.Joe still remember a friend that watch the preliminary round of Lotte World public audition with and that he cheered for. At the preliminary round place he met this friend, they introduced themselves and greeted each other, this friend’s name was ‘Park Jinyoung’. But in the end this friend was sadly eliminated at the qualifying round.

“From when I was young I heard that my body was weak and One day because of dancing my legs were really painful so I had to go to the hospital to receive a physical therapy.”
The doctor said “If you want to continue dancing you have to get a knee surgery”
“After hearing that I had to give up on my dream to become singer it felt like the sky was collapsing”.

“Then I praticed the choreography only the upper part of my body until the lower part won’t hurt anymore.”

Everytime he was tired he listened to a song he made for himself ‘Call Me Gangster’ and he would feel determinated again. “The first song that I made was ‘Call Me Gangster’, this song gives hope and says that I’m the best.”

That’s how he left behind these hard times and finally became Teen Top’s rapper, his father and his mother who stayed in America now understand and are reliable supporters.

L.Joe smiled shyly and said “When I listen to my song, I feel that it gives me hope and courage to realize my new dream, I want to rap”

Source : Asia Economy Daily

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