Sunday, April 24, 2011

Teen Top's 1st Impression between the members

CAP: "When I first saw L.Joe, he looks very pitiful (laughs) he doesn't talk much, and he's short too."

Chunji: "When I first saw CAP...erm...very scary... (laughs) because he looks too fierce."

L.Joe: "When I first saw Ricky he is wearing a very Exaggerate cap, he greeted very cutely to me, smiling very brightly."

Niel: "Changjo was the first to teach me how to dance, very approachable, very kind, first impression that he gave me."

Ricky: "When I first saw Niel hyung...there's an international feeling. I thought he is a foreigner."

Changjo: "When I first saw Chunji hyung, he looks like very playful and lively."

Credits : @Ricky_Facts

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