Tuesday, January 25, 2011

110124 Junsu Introduced As The Table Tennis King

Finishing his meal at 3:30 in the evening, Junsu bought a five grain cafe latte from Cafe Bean in Kangnam-Gu. Wearing only a thin leather jacket this whole time, it seems like Junsu has just realized how cold it is as he starts running back to the office.

After showing the people who were walking the streets of Nonhyondeon city the flying Korean star, Junsu reaches the office and goes in search of a table tennis table.

Originally, Junsu has been know for his interest in soccer and bowling but this time he showed that he was immersed in his interest with table tennis.
It began with a death match between Junsu and the news reporter. To this request Junsu removes his jacket and throws it aside, rolls his sleeves, and prepares to claim victory for this battle of his pride.

Before even suffering, Junsu had changed into a form of all seriousness. Without a single pause, it seemed like a whirlpool of the table tennis ball flying back and forth and back and forth.

While playing Junsu explains that his spin wasn’t working as well as it did when he played at home, “Last year for my birthday Jaejoong and Yoochun got me the kind of ping pong table that I really liked. No matter what I said they ordered the best table for me. In order to fit the table in my living room, I had to move my wardrobe, treadmill, and sofa. But talented players need all the equipment they need.”

After expressing these thoughts, Junsu gets his mind back into the game. Junsu has been titled as “Number 1 Table Tennis Player in C-Jes Entertainment” and his unusual ability proved this. Junsu even showed us his ability to smash to either direction. Kim Junsu wins the match with a score of 21 to 17 and the match is over.

Here comes the feared sky serve!

In this game of table tennis, Junsu plays his sky high serve too!

The match that Junsu played against the newspaper reporter, he also showed his steady forehead stroke.


“Yes!” Junsu cheered when he won the showdown between him and the news reporter.

At a coffee shop near the office, Junsu sipped on a hot drink as he surfed the net.

As Junsu leaves the cafe, he starts running in the direction of the office.
“It’s a little bit cold, that’s why”, he added.

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