Monday, October 25, 2010

Leeteuk's Twitter Update [18.10.10]


우연히 사진 정리를 하다가..디카처음받구 신나서 들고다녔던..ㅋㅋ2006년 u시절 상해처음갔을때 호텔방에서~나디게 풋풋하당..ㅋㅋ볼살봐..ㅋㅋ아구 귀요미다..ㅋㅋ

The photo which I found while tidying… It was my first time using digicam to film so I was excited.. hehe
It was taken in a hotel during 2006 'U' promotion period when I was in Shanghai for the first time~ I looked so young.hehe Look at my face..hehe Aigoo so cute..hehe

저와 동해보려고 먼곳까지 와주신 우리 팬 여러분..너무 짧은 시간이였죠?^^나중엔 좀길게봐요늘 미안하기도 하고 고맙네요..

Fans who came from far places in order to see me and Donghae… Isn't it time is too short? ^^ See you guys longer the next time, although I felt sorry anyway thank you

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