Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[09.02.11] Junyoung's Birthday

Junyoung oppa~ happy 23rd birthday :)
(he's 23 in korea but was born in 1989)
he's the most responsible leader who successfully made ZE:A to debut as an idol group~
Junyoung oppa was the 1st trainee out of the ZE:A's members to be trained :)
he was the one who called minwoo at 2Am in the morning to ask him to be part of ZE:A.
He asked him to sings in the phone to ensure that minwoo can sing but minwoo thought that it was inappropriate for him to sing in the phone at late night.
So he went for audition the next day and became a trainee after he passed the audition
and yeah that's all thanks to junyoung's hardship for his group ^^
the same goes for kevin who junyoung called to come for audition from Australia.
Kevin actually has already signed a contract with a company in Australia but because of Junyoung, he came to Korea to be part of ZE:A's family :)
and all I can say is
Junyoung oppa~ neomu kamsa hamnida for bringing two of my favourite members in ZE:A~
saranghaeyo oppa ♥
because of him too~
the brotherhood bond between ZE:A's members are really strong :)

just like what hyungshik wrote in the internet~


from today onwards let's together hope ZE:A will be one of the best idol group ever ^^

and yeah don't forget to do this ^^

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credits :
for the gift pic goes to
mianhe~ the 2nd one I'm not sure from which tumblr ><

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