Sunday, September 25, 2011

[MyStory] Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia (Updated)

OH MY GAWD. Up to now I still can't believe that I went to Korean Wave Concert. ♥ 

Honestly, the only reason I went there was because of Teen Top's L.Joe. I'm like his forever fan ! I love him to the max that no one knows how I felt when I actually watched his performance live and also to see him dancing with my very own eyes were like...gahhh...way too awesome! He is soooo sexy and gosh I freaking love his voice. ♥  :) 

There were 5 groups and Park Jung Min from SS501 who performed today and the sequence of the performances was...

  1. FT Island
  2. Teen Top
  3. 4minute
  4. U-KISS
  5. Park Jung Min
  6. Seungri (Big Bang)
  7. GD & T.O.P (Big Bang)

Anyway, I'm gonna write what happened there tomorrow I guess because I just got back and it's way too tired to write down everything that happened just now. :)

p/s : the cutest part was when Park Jung Min was trying to read out his message to us in Malay Language from a piece of tiny paper but it turn out to be that he brought the wrong paper on stage. xD He looks really cute when he just realized it. LOL. but after that.. the MC of the concert gave him the right paper ^^


oh my goodness~ I've got no time to update my blog at all as my final exams are coming really soon T.T jeongmal chesuhamnida *bowS*

it seems like I've got no time to explain every details that happened on that particular I'm just gonna copy the whole story from ^^ (by the's the same thing as what I'm gonna write too..LOL) hahah


The concert started at around 7.30 p.m., right after the press conference. Tonight the emcee are U-kiss Kevin and Dongho with a Malaysian DJ and a Singapore DJ.
First performing is FT Island with the song “Hello Hello.” Lee Hongki’s  powerful vocals liven up the atmosphere. They also perform “Love Love Love,” “Bad Women,” “Bing Bing Bing,” and “I hope.”

Interview with FT- Island during the concert
Emcee: How to you feel about performing in Malaysia?
FT Island: It’s been four years since our last visit to Malaysia. We miss our fans here and always look forward to meeting them. We want to hold a summer concert in Malaysia.
Emcee: What is your favorite Malaysian food?
FT Island: We haven’t had a chance to try Malaysian food.
(The emcee tells them about some local Malaysian cuisine and says fans will treat them if they come back to Malaysia.)
FT Island:We will eat well!

After that, the four emcees are back on stage again.
U-Kiss: I wonder why K-pop is popular in Malaysia?
Emcee 1: Because the hottest FM radio station in Malaysia always plays K-pop songs.
Emcee 2: The radio station plays U-kiss’s songs at least three times a week.
Both of the FM DJs compete, getting a laugh from the audience.
Emcees: Who is the most popular K-pop singer in Malaysia.
Audience: U-kiss!

Next on stage is Teen Top with their songs “No More Perfume On You,” “Brushing,” “Clap,” “Angel,” and “Supa Luv.” This was their first time to perform in Malaysia.
After introducing themselves, they said they hope to comeback to Malaysia again.

 The four emcees are once again on stage. The local emcees teach Kevin and Dongho how to say “handsome” and “pretty girls” in Cantonese. They hint that the next performing group is the only girl group tonight, 4 minute!
Male fans shout louder than before and do fan chants. 4 minute first performs “Mirror, Mirror.” . This is the  second time they’ve visited Malaysia, and they introduce themselves in Malay. They also perform “Heart to Heart,” “I My Me Mine,” “Muzik,” and “Hot Issue.” 4 minute’s sexiness and cuteness is one of the highlights of the night. Hyunah makes a heart shape with her hands while performing “Heart to Heart.” The emcees teach them how to say “pretty” in Malay and praising their beautiful, hot image.

Once again on stage is U-Kiss with their new song “Neverland.” This is the first time they perform this song overseas, and fans are very happy about it. After introducing their members, they continue with performances of “Bingeul Bingeul” and “Every Day.”
Interview with U-Kiss during the concert
Emcee 1: A few minutes ago, Kevin and Dongho were with us in neat suits and bow ties, and now they are wearing this military-theme outfit. Wow!
 U-Kiss: This is our third time to visit Malaysia, and we want to hold our own concert here, too!

After a short interview, they perform “0330″ and their hottest song “Man Man Ha Ni.” They end their performace saying,  ‘‘Aku Cinta Pada Mu ( I love you),” which once again gratifies the fans.

Next on stage is Park Jung Min. He performs his new single “Not Alone.” He introduces himself in Chinese,
“大家好, 我是朴政民,__高____到____西__,希望大家今__玩的__心。”
(Hi , I’m Park Jung Min. I feel so happy to be in Malaysia. I hope everyone will enjoy tonight!)
He performs “Because It’s You,” “Everyday Is My Christmas.” He shakes his butt, which gets a lot laughter and cheering from the audience. Park smiles brightly throughout the performance.
The emcees ask, “How do you feel about being in Malaysia?”
Park answers ,   “I came to Malaysia once four years ago, Malaysia is a warm country but you (the audience) are even warmer! ”
He has prepared a special message in Malay saying, ‘We will do our best to give you all the best show.” His pronunciation is really good, and he gets the correct essence of the sound of the Malay language in some of the words! He is really talented, not only in his career but also in languages.
Park sings the song “Missing You” from the Korean TV series Princess’s Men.  This is the first time he has ever performed this song in Malaysia. He also sings “Let Go.”

With this, the crowd gets very excited and many of them stand up and scream because the next performer will be the highlight of the night: Big Bang’s Victory Seungri.
Lightstick are sit and whistles blow. Everyone in the stadium is excited.
When Seungri gets on stage with his dancers, the fans scream and shout.
He performs his song “VVIP.” His dancing and vocals are excellent.
Interview during the concert   
Emcee: How you feel about being in Malaysia?
VI: (answers in fluent English) I am excited to be here!
Emcee : What do you think about Malaysian fans?
VI: (a brief pause) Bagus! ( meaning ‘awesome’ in the Malay language)
Emcee: Will Big Bang hold a concert here?
VI: I don’t want just to have a concert here, I want to live here!
This is really a good answer! Fans are really satisfied, and atmosphere getns heated up again.
Saying “Are you ready to party?” , he continue his solo performance with “What Can I Do” and “Strong Baby.”

Up next is the main highlight of this concert: GD & TOP. When the big screen shows GD & TOP’s video, the whole stadium fills with the sounds of screaming and shouting, Everyone stands up and waves the lightsticks. Everything has become livelier than ever, with many of the audience even standing on their chair. This is big show time!
GD & Top appear on the stage singing  “Knockout.” The fans’ chanting is getting louder and louder.
Emcee: Unbelievable I’m standing right next to GD & TOP! Take a picture guys, come on.
What is your first impression of Malaysian fans?
GD: What’s up, Malaysia!
Emcee: That’s G-dragon . Top?
TOP: Nice to meet you, I’m TOP.
Emcee: They have fans wherever they go. Everytime they go somewhere, there’s always someone waiting. It’s amazing how popular they are. What you think about Malaysia?
GD: Its amazing. Everybody seems to like Big Bang. I love this place.
Emcee: You know, when I was in Singapore working as a DJ for a concert, a girl approached me. I thought she was approaching me, but she asked, “Where’s TOP?”  I didn’t know.
Emcee 2: That’s embarrassing.
Emcee: Where’s TOP?
TOP : Right here.
Emcee: There’s a sign board that saysq “Marry me.” .I’m going to ask you all to do something. Scream to the max!
(The audience screams.)
Emcee: How do you feel? It’s like the whole world is cheering for you guys.
TOP : Baby, good job.
Emcee: Is there a plan for Big Bang to ho a concert here?
(The audience is so loud the answer is inaudible,.)
Emcee: They actually said something. GD and Top, you’re going to drive them crazy, right?
Are you ready for GD and TOP?

The crowd goes crazy, getting more and more excitede as GD and Top sing “High High.” This is the last songs of the concert. Everyone feels this is not enough. The audience refuses to leave.
Nevertheless, this is actually the last song, There is no encore.

Tonight is a beautiful night, and this concert is one of the most exciting K-pop concerts to hgave taken place in Malaysia. Everyone wants more and hopes to have another concert very soon.
After the concert, fans wait at the exit, hoping to see the performers before they get in theeir cars. TOP is waves to the fans before getting to the car. Once again, it drives the crowd crazy.
Song list:
FT island 
1. Hello Hello 
2. Love Love Love
3. Bad Women
4. Bing Bing Bing
5. I Hope
Teen Top 
1. No More Perfume On You
2. Brushing
3. Intro (47”) + Clap
4. Angel 
5. Supa Luv

4 minutes 
1. Mirror Mirror
2. Heart to Heart
3. I My Me Mine
4. Muzik 
5. Hot Issue

1. Neverland
2. Everyday
3. Bingeul Bingeul 
4. 0330
5. Man Man Ha Ni

Park Jung Min 
1. Not Alone
2. Because it’s you
3. Everyday Is My Christmas
4. Missing You 5. Let Go

2. Strong Baby
3. What Can I Do 

GD & Top
1. Knockout
2. Oh, Yeah
3. High High