Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lee Joon [MBLAQ] in Ninja Assassin

yup~I know..
It's kinda old story...not too old though..
just last year.. =P

just feel like posting this story up..
it's all bcuz of hottie lee joon..

This is the picture of the Teenage Raizo..
the character which is played by Lee Joon in this movie...

omo! his body~
damn..he's hot...
He's bold yet still hot~!!!
what type of human is he???

yup...that is the teenage Raizo..
and of cuz everyone knows that the adult Raizo is played by Rain... ^^

and this is our MBLAQ Lee Joon...~
hotttterrrr than the teenage Raizo~!!!
oh yeah~!!!
way to go oppa~

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