Thursday, September 30, 2010

SHINee releases teaser for repackaged album single “Hello”

OMG!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for them to release full MV~!!!!

I were shocked by Taemin's voice!!!
It sounds like Jonghyun's voice~
& it's really goooood~ =D
woahh~ Uri Taeminnie has improved his vocal skills~ ^^

SHINee has released a 30-second teaser for their repackaged album’s title song, “Hello“!

“Hello” is described as a modern pop song with a R&B twist. The teaser unveils the members of SHINee as romantics getting ready to confess their feelings to their crush. Viewers are noting how “Hello” is quite the contrast from “Lucifer“, as “Hello” shows the members in a more softer light.

The album will be available in stores on October 4th, but SHINee will be making their first performance of “Hello” on Music Bank this coming Friday.

It really remind me of Super Junior - No other~!!!
such a sweet melody type of song~
they are just like their sunbaenim..
changed their image drastically from manly to SWEET boys~ (aaaawwwwww) ^^

Super Junior.... from bonamana to No other~
as for SHINee... from Lucifer to Hello~!!!

gosh~ I can't stop myself from posting this..even though I did not update my blog for like days~
but I just have to post this thing up ~ ^^

p/s : can't really update my blog until my exam is over~
& that's like until next week...
Anyway~ wish me luck for my exam~ Aja!Aja!hwaiting! =)

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