Sunday, September 5, 2010

SMTOWN’s chartered plane to LA totaled $851,000 USD

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For the very first time, SM Entertainment raked up a whopping 1 billion won for the expenses of their own chartered plane, a Boeing 747-400, which calculates to $851,000 USD. A total of 250 people, including staff, bodyguards, press reporters and 40 of SM artists, were all on board to LA.

The first artist to step foot on the chartered plane was Super Junior’s leader, Lee Teuk.
Through the in-flight mic, Lee Teuk said,
“When you talk loudly in public places, people glare at you and say,
“Do you guys think you own this place?” Why yes, we really do own this!”,

which made everyone laugh.

The first floor business section of the chartered plane consisted of
Kangta, BoA, Kim Min Jong, DBSK’s Uknow Yunho and Max Changmin, SNSD and f(x).

Super Junior and SHINee took over the business section of the second floor.

fuhh~ thank god that SJ & SHINee is on the 2nd floor of the business section
which is also known as 'the boys only' section~ hehehe... ^^

credits : allkpop

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