Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[Teen Top] C.A.P's Twitter Update [15.09.10]

선배님 최고에요^^ 무대 더 멋지게 하고싶었는데 너무 긴장해서 아쉽습니다ㅠ 나날이 발전하는 캡이 될게요~

sunbaenim choego-eyo^^ mudae deo meosjige hagosip-eossneunde neomu ginjanghaeseo aswibseubnida ㅠ nanal-i baljeonhaneun kaeb-i doelgeyo~

Sunbae is the best ^^ I wanted to perform better, but I was so nervous ㅠ I regret it. I’ll become the C.A.P who will develop more and more as the days pass by~


  1. I freakin ::heart:: CAP he's so cute...!! ^-^
    Gir: wafffffllllesssss!!!!!!!! ...lmao I had to lol

  2. hahahahahah xD
    who doesn't love the sexy leader anyway ^0^
    as for bias is L.Joe!!!! I just love him :)