Tuesday, October 26, 2010

B2ST welcomes you onboard B2ST Airline this December

December is a month which seems to be jam-packed with concerts by Korean artists, and among them will be idol group B2ST after an announcement by Cube Entertainment at the start of October.

Fans were no doubt delighted when Cube finally unleashed the concept for the concert, which will take place on December 12th at the Jamsil Stadium, through a promotional poster.

Through the promotional poster, we can see that they are going for a pilot concept as all six B2ST boys are decked in smart pilot uniforms as they welcome you the fans onboard the B2ST Airline, Flight No. 20101212 with the tagline, “LET’S PLAY. LET’S FLY B2ST!”

A representative from their company told OSEN earlier, “It will be held on a very large scale. The concert will be so entertaining that you won’t keep track of time. We already have many ideas flowing through our heads. The members are waiting very much.”

credits : allkpop

OMO! OMO! oppa~!!!!!! c ya in KOREA~!!! XD
* I wish B2ST AIRLINE does exist!!!*

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