Sunday, January 9, 2011

Juniors are touched by DBSK’s (changmin+yunho) humble acts

While there’s been a lot of buzz over TVXQ’s official comeback this week, representatives from within the music industry have also praised the duo for their impeccable manners and humility.

TVXQ completed their second comeback stage through MBC’s “Show! Music Core” on January 8th, and reportedly visited all the waiting rooms with autographed CDs in hand for the other singers.

Considering how they’ve been in the industry for seven years, this distinguishes them as ’seniors’ to most of the participants of the show. However, representatives were shocked at how they personally made a visit to each waiting room and made an effort to greet and reach out to everyone first.

One representative commented, “TVXQ suddenly came into our waiting room and greeted us, so I was very surprised. Their gazes weren’t one of arrogance, but full of genuineness.” One girl group member, who asked to remain anonymous, spoke with a reporter from Sports Today and commented, “The TVXQ seniors visited all of their juniors’ waiting rooms and greeted them. It was surprising, but also amazing. They’re seniors that I want to learn from.”

A lot of juniors were said to have been impressed by the act of respect the duo showed, instead of the haughtiness one would expect from people of their stature.

credits : allkpop

hurrmmm....I'm not shock at all..
cause they are ALWAYS humble and down to earth regardless their status in the entertainment industry :) they are DBSK members anyway ^^
*I hope they will get together soon..*
DBSK=JYJ+HoMin=5=1 ^^

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