Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Taeyang is off to Las Vegas~

Earlier today, Taeyang posted a series of photos to his personal Twitter, revealing that he was leaving for Vegas. In the photos, Taeyang is seen with members of the Movement Lifestyle, as they stand on top of a hill with the L.A. cityscape in the distance.

He tweeted,

“Los Angeles – beautiful city and people. thank you ML I’m leaving to las vegas. So long!!“

He also posted a photo of Southern California’s famous IN-N-OUT burger and animal fries, saying,

“I love it..!!! but… I am afraid that the master hwang has seen this..:(“

Choreographer and dancer Aimee Lee Lucus also posted a photo of Taeyang saying, “Documenting him documenting his trip”

credits : allkpop

owh yeah baby~ seems like uri Taeyang oppa is having so much fun..
good to see that~ ^^

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