Sunday, February 6, 2011

[2011] Idol Championships in Athletics & Swimming [Part 1]


Opening Ceremony

Man 50m Sprint ( Preliminary Match 1,2 )

1st match :

1st place : SHINee minho - gosh~ he's hot when he is in the game mode xD
2nd place : MBLAQ lee joon - never knew that he could run that fast~ so minho oppa~ beware of him xD
3rd place : ZE:A kwanghee - aawwwww...cutie pie got 3rd place and it so cute to see all his members supported him especially siwan :)
4th place : seungri - it's okay strong baby~ you can always try again ^^

2nd match :

1st place : ZE:A jun young - oh ma god~ he's damn fast and he even beat minho's record by 5 seconds (0.o)
way to go moon leader xD
2nd place : TEEN TOP changjo - wow~ teen top maknae is indeed an athlete xD
3rd place : dong wan - (mian~ don't really know him >< )
4th place : 2AM changmin - omo~ he waved to his fans during the run~ so cute :)

Man 50m Sprint ( Preliminary Match 3,4 )

3rd match :

2nd place : Infinite woohyun - gosh~ he's hot when he is running~!!! xD
4th place : SHINee Taemin - aaaawwww... uri maknae got last place~ kwaenchanayo~ ^^

4th match :

1st place : 2AM Jo Kwon - wow~ kwonnie is like a cheetah xD
4th place :. Infinite Sungjong - aigoo~ neomu kyowo \(^_^)/

Man 50m Sprint ( Preliminary Match 5,6 )

5th match :

4th place : SHINee Onew - hahaahahahahah~ xD oppa!!! you're so cute~ still can wave your fans while running and yeah even if you're still the last place~ SHINee world will forever love ya boy ^^

6th match :

1st place : ZE:A Dongjun - aawww..dongjun is so cute when jinwoon and kiseop hugged him :) oppa~ kwaenchana~ because no matter what I'm still shorter than you~ hahah~ oh ma god~ I damn love you boy xD he's way faster than jo kwon!!! 6:39 seconds for 50m~! that freaking insane xD

2nd place : 2AM Jinwoon - yup~ almost every JYP's celebs are good at runnning :)

4th place : U-KISS Kiseop - Kiseop ah~ kwaenchanayo? aigoo~ he almost fell~ (T^T)

Man 50m Sprint ( Preliminary Match 7,8 )

7th match :

1st place : 2PM Changsung - woah~ that's cool when his clap flies xD
2nd place : MBLAQ G.O - gosh~ never knew that he's good at running :)
3rd place : TEENTOP Chunji - aawwww..cutie pie is so cute ^^
4th place : SHINee Key - omo~ key oppa~ is it such a relieve when the run is over? :)

8th match :

1st place : U-KISS Dongho - omo~!! uri maknae yah xD
2nd place : 2PM Nichkhun - gahhhhh~ the beast idol ^0^
3rd place : Infinite Dongwoon - omo oppa~ your hair is so stand out xD
4th place : MBLAQ Mir - hahahah~ oppa~ you are so cute :)

Idol Championships - Man 50m Sprint ( SEMI FINAL 1 )

1st place : 2AM Jo Kwon - woahhhh~ oppa~ even when you don't feel good you're still the bomb xD
2nd place : ZE:A Jun Young - aaawwww...oppa~ kwaenchanayo~ hwaiting! ^^
4th place : U-KISS Dongho - cute maknae! cute maknae! :)

Man 50m Sprint ( SEMI FINAL 2 )

1st place : ZE:A Kim Dongjun - yeahhhh~ baby~!!!! omo~!!! my oppa is so damn hot~!!!!!!!
I love ya oppA~and I just can't get over your smiles :)
you are just way too hot plus cute~
I mean who could be cute and sexy at the same time right~
but yeah dongjun does xD

3rd place : SHINee Minho - omo~ oppa~ kwaenchanayo~ everybody knows that you are a good runner :)

4th place : 2PM Changsung - oppa~!!!!!! you can do better!! :)

Man 50m Freestyle Swimming ( Preliminary Match 1 )

contestants : 2AM Seulong, U-KISS Soohyun, SHINee Minho, Infinite Woohyun, MBLAQ Leejoon & 2 more people...

1st place : SHINee Minho
2nd place : 2AM Seulong

omg~ seulong is soooo good~ even though he's late for a sec but he still could catch up with the rest of the contestants xD

Man 50m Freestyle Swimming ( Preliminary Match 2,3 )

contestants : [2nd match] U-KISS Eli , ZE:A Siwan, Infinite Seungyol,
Dalmatian, and 2 more people..

2nd match : 1st place - , 2nd place - U-KISS Eli :)

contestants : [3rd match] ZE:A Dongjun & Heechul , Teen Top Niel, TOUCH and 2 more people..

3rd match : 1st place - Marcos, 2nd place - TEEN TOP Niel :)

Man 50m Freestyle Swimming ( FINAL )

contestants : U-KISS Eli, Hoyoung, 2AM Seulong, SHINee Minho, Marcos, Jangwoo, Teen Top Niel,

1st place : SHINee Minho
2nd place : 2AM Seulong
3rd place : Jangwoo

p/s : I'm only gonna post male idols videos :)

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