Tuesday, May 17, 2011

B1A4’s first fan signing draws large numbers of fans






Rookie idol group B1A4 held their first fan signing for their debut mini-album, “Let’s Fly“, on May 15th at Synnara Records in Seoul.

The event was for fans who purchased their album during the 7 days before its release. Still, organizers were shocked by the number of fans who appeared for the 150 available seats.

Prior to the event, B1A4 members said “Having an event like this under our own name seems like a dream.” They added, “Our dreams are becoming a reality, and we want to work harder in our future activities. Through this signing event we’d like to thank our fans.”

Netizen reactions to B1A4’s fan signing event were mostly positive, with comments like, “At first I thought the names were going to be hard to remember, but they’re actually fun and easy to recall” and “They (B1A4) seem to know how to have fun.”

Credits : Allkpop