Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jay Park holds fan meet for the publication of his photo spread, “Just me, Jay”

On May 15th, singer Jay Park was able to enjoy a special meet with his fans for the publication of his newest photo spread, “Just me, Jay”.

Jay Park entered after the rolling of the behind-the-scenes footage from his photoshoot, and said to his fans, “Did you have fun watching the video? To be honest, I was backstage trying to watch it too, but I couldn’t see it as well as I expected and now I’m just curious. I should’ve watched it from at the back.”

During the talk, where Jay got to answer a few curious questions regarding the shoot, many fans began to cheer for the featuring of Jay’s pet dog, Peatry.

In response, Jay jokingly replied, “I think I have no choice but to get Peatry to debut.”

In addition, during the Q&A time with his fans, Jay was asked, “What is a fan to you?”, to which he answered, “They are the reason why I’m living. They are also the terminal I’ll arrive at in the future.”

Credits : Allkpop

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