Saturday, May 28, 2011

B2ST unexpectedly wins on KBS’s Music Bank with “On Rainy Days” ballad!

It’s only been a week since B2ST made their official comeback with their first full album, “Fiction And Fact“, and the boys were pleasantly taken aback when they were awarded first place on this week’s KBS’s Music Bank K-Chart for their ballad song, “On Rainy Days“, rather than for their actively promoted title track, “Fiction“.

“On Rainy Days” was released a few days before the official release of their album, and it quickly became an instant hit on various music charts, as many listeners acknowledged the group’s vocal ability powering the song’s soothing, addictive melody.

After their K-Chart win this week, B2ST expressed to allkpop through Cube Entertainment, “We were extremely happy after our win with ‘Fiction’ yesterday, but this win is a lot more meaningful as it’s the first time we’ve won an award for a song that’s not our title track. To think we received first for two of our songs in just a week, all we can say is how thankful we are. We will thrive to work even harder.”

Credits : Allkpop

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