Wednesday, May 4, 2011

X-5 selected as ‘power rookies’ by “Inkigayo” magazine

Thanks to the attention their debut has been garnering, X-5 was chosen as the ‘power rookie’ of the month for the May edition of SBS’s “Inkigayo” magazine.

In celebration of the feat, the five members took part in a special photoshoot and interview that showed off their charms both individually and as a group.

“Inkigayo” commented, “Despite the fact that they have model-like heights and handsome looks, they don’t rely on that at all and opt instead to show their power and charisma through their unique performance style. They’re a ‘poker faced rookie’ that is worthy of attention.”

X-5 added, “We will work hard to become a group that can stand at the top of the world.”

Readers of the magazine commented, “I overlooked them thinking they were just rookies, so it was nice to be able to get an in-depth view of who they are”, and “They’re worthy of being chosen as power rookies. I’m already looking forward to their future promotions.”

Credits : Allkpop

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