Saturday, May 14, 2011

X-5 Zin & Sulhu during Xing 5th Generation Days

Zin & Sulhu used to join Xing 5th Generations before they debuted under the group X-5.
Zin's position in Xing was a rapper and a vocalist while Sulhu is only in charged for rapping.
I'm not really sure when did this group was formed but one thing for sure is that they released a teaser for their song 'Tears' around the end of December 2009.

Zin (Hyeonjin) & Sulhu (Jinwan)

XING 5th Generation - "Tears" MV Teaser

@0:44 sulhu & @1:24 Zin

Xing 5th Generation - Memorize

This song was originally sang by the previous members of Xing back in 2008 where they were consisted of all members of DNA (The Boss) and more.

Zin - @1:37, @3:11 & @3:23

Sulhu - @1:46 & @3:17 (Sulhu)

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