Thursday, May 5, 2011

ZE:A supports Dongjun at his “Aladdin” musical

The members of ZE:A made a visit to Dongjun’s “Aladdin” performance on May 2nd to show their support for achieving such a challenging role.

Dongjun debuted with the cast on April 28th, where the first show was put on, and received a great amount of praise from the public, and even has a new official nickname of ‘Dong-laddin’.

Dongjun stated after the performance, “Singing and acting was a great help in performing on a musical stage. It was quite exciting, and seeing my brothers in the audience cheering me on, although I was a bit shaky, made me feel a ton better.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A will be heading to Japan on May 4th to kick off promotions for their ‘Asia Live Tour’.

Credits : Allkpop

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