Friday, June 3, 2011

TeenTop's Facts - Chunji

  1. Chunji was born on 5th of October, 1993 in Seongnam,Gyeonggi.
  2. He has a brother who is five years older than him.
  3. He went for private audition and showed his skills by singing Neyo - So Sick.
  4. He likes brain-game and loves to re-arrange puzzles.
  5. He often do 1000 pieces ones puzzle. He didn’t do it at the dorm, he usually do it at home with his father.
  6. He loves to play games on his iPod whenever he has free time in the dressing room.
  7. He usually takes his dirty clothes home once a week and bring it back the following week. 
  8. He wanted to be a singer since he was in elementary school. 
  9. Chunji & Ricky wanted to go to Disneyland when they were in Japan.
  10. If he get a chance to do solo concert, he wants to sing a ballad song.
Credits : to whoever owns it..I'm so sorry because I forgot from where I took it T.T


  1. i love chunji very very much!!!i am chunji addicter....forever angel....chunji saranghaeyo

  2. chunji face like key SHINee

  3. ohhhhhh chunji... i hate it that he just tips my heart off the scales... $)

  4. Holy shit ! I LOVE HIMMMM <3

  5. Chunji ah~ I love him soo much! He's super hot(to me) when he bits his lips and einks! Kyaaaa!!

  6. chunji......LOVE yea........
    :* :*

  7. CHUNJI!!Saranghae!I love you chunji!!!I love you very much!!!Chunji,fighting!

  8. aw i love puzzle chunji is a bit like me :P chunji we all love you! from mariah carey :3 (=*~*=)

  9. Hi is soo cute and dorky it's cute :) like on teen top 100

  10. One word describes this perfect boy " majestic"

  11. ilove him.. as him.. no one can beat jim in my heart.. <3 saranghae oppa!♥♥

  12. He is the cutest thing on Earth, I can't even deal -_-