Friday, June 3, 2011

TeenTop's Facts - C.A.P

  1. C.A.P was born on 4th of November, 1992. 
  2. He has a sister who is 3 years older than him and who is a year older than him
  3. He likes to bully Niel and he has claim it as his hobby. xD
  4. He had thrown away all his winter uniform and he couldn’t take the photos in his summer uniform which he had gotten altered. 
  5. He likes to exercise his body moderately. Lately, he has been focusing on his chest.
  6. Some of Teen Top's fans seems to be scared of him but he never intended to make them feel that way.
  7. His males fans are usually those who like to go to the gym.
  8. He has always dream of performing on the same stage with T.O.P (BIGBANG) one day.
  9. During the filming of Supa Luv MV, Chunji and Ricky were wearing black underwear but C.A.P was wearing zebra print. 
  10. He spent most of his time in the rehearsal studio, from ten in the morning till ten at night, except for during his meals time.
  11. C.A.P graduated from his high school this year (2011) and now he is a freshmen majoring in dance at Dong Seoul University.
Credits : to whoever owns it..I'm so sorry because I forgot from where I took it T.T


  1. hi i love this...i m rele a C.A.P fan...thks 4 tellin tis...<3 it

  2. Cap i love u I'm a big fan of you forever

  3. He has the same birthday as T.O.P!