Wednesday, December 7, 2011

INFINITE achieves an all-kill with “White Confession”

INFINITE has done more than become a trending popular idol star. They have earned themselves the title of music chart champions.

INFINITE’s explosive popularity was once again proven when they achieved an all-kill on various music charts as soon as their Holiday special “White Confession (Lately)” was released on December 6th.

They squarely seized the #1 slot on the real time charts, even with top artists such as the nation’s sweetheart IU making her comeback at the same time as well as Trouble Maker making their debut and the Wonder Girls‘ promoting their comeback single.

INFINITE’s newest track was produced by the Hallyu producing team, Sweetune, who have been working with the boys for some time now. Fans will be able to get a feel for INFINITE’s pure innocence through the song which well showcases their individual hidden talents.

Netizens who heard the song responded with comments like, “I usually think of choreographed dance when I think ‘INFINITE’, but this is pleasantly different“, “It’s a sweet song that will dominate. I like it“, “It’s the kind of song that makes single people want to date“, and more.

Source & Image: TVDaily
Credits : Allkpop

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