Saturday, October 16, 2010

Leeteuk's Twitter Update [13.10.10]


거수경례!!!잘지내시죠??^^ 베네치아 사진많은데 이제 실실 정리하고 로마폴더로 넘어가야겠다^^ 지루해..
Rise hand and salute!!! Have you been well?? ^^
There are so many photos in Venice, and I'm tidying it up now happily, Should have put it into Rome's folder ^^ So troublesome hehe




우리의 점프놀이에 외국인들도 즐거워했다..ㅋㅋ역시 인간은 하늘을 날고싶어하는 존재이다..ㅋ

Even the foreigners also like to jump and play like us..hehe
Definitely, there are people who are talking about flying to the space.. hehe

또다른 느낌의 도시 모든것들이 다 유적인듯..정말 크고 웅장했다..

Venice photos are done for now, Rome photos are coming up next.. ^^ The city that has a different feeling as to be compared to Venice, full of ancient relics… very big and grand..

칠레의 기적을 보여주고있는 칠레의 광부들..69일만 건강한모습으로구조되고 이제곧 모두가 구조될거라는 소식..만약 내가저기있었다면..난 못했을거야 대단합니다!!앞으로 더 멋진삶살아가길 기도합니다!!화이팅!!^^/

The miners which are bringing the miracles of Chile. Rescued healthy and there is news saying everyone will be rescued.. I couldn’t do that if I were there… It is so amazing!!! Pray for your life!!! hwaiting!!^^/

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