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Fan Fiction : Teen Top's Chunji & L.Joe first Double Date (Part 2)

The lovers seems so idled in their romantic yet soothing dance. They were unaware that they have been dancing for quite some times, it was already the third song for the night. Nonetheless, they don't even care. Why would they since they are breathing in their own fantasy world now.

Chunji : "Chagji ah?" He caressed Haneul's hair gently.

Haneul : "Hmmm?" She was too lazy too answer since she almost fall asleep in her lover's shoulder.
Chunji : "I want to show you...something." (^ー^* )

Haneul : [looked straight at Chunji's face as she was interested with what Chunji has just said.] "What is it?"

Chunji : "Well, I can't show you here. It's something 'special'."

Haneul : [Curious] "Where is the right place then?" she asked innocently.

Chunji : "Follow me, then you will know." He gave out his evil yet sexy smirk again.

Haneul was totally clueless. Chunji slowly reached Haneul's hand and hold it tightly. Haneul felt kind of uncomfortable but just let it be. At the same time, Haneul merely can't get the whole kissing scene earlier from her head.
Haneul: *Aishh my first gone..tsk tsk* She mentally slapped herself. *But, I guess it's okay since it's from him but still that was too fast.* She SIGHED again for the nth time.

L.Joe eyed the two lovers as they make a way out of the restaurant.

L.Joe : *Where are they going? OMG! Maybe Chunji hyung already wants to take it to the next level...that could only mean..*
He already imagine what is going to happen. He vigorously shook his head.

L.Joe : *No! This can't be! No! No! No!*
Before L.Joe could mumbled even more, he felt his phone vibrated. It's form Chunji.

From : Chunji hyung ^^
L.Joe ah, I'm sorry. I have to leave first.
Sorry for not telling you earlier.
I just don't want to interrupt your moment with your girlfriend.
I guess I don't have to explain the reason why I left.
It's just the time for us two now.
I hope that Cap hyung 'brilliant idea' will work later on. ;)
See you tonight. Or maybe tomorrow. Kekeke.

L.Joe almost choke on his saliva when he read the whole text. Eun mi quickly took a glance at him.

Eunmi : "L.Joe oppa, are you okay?" She was worried.

L.Joe : [He got back to reality.] "Yeah. I am okay. Don't worry babe." He was trying to convince
Eunmi by pretending that he was fine even though he was really not okay.

Eunmi : "Are you sure?" She placed her hand on her boyfriend's forehead.

L.Joe : "I am 100% sure, babe. Aww, you look so cute with that worried face." He peck Eunmi's cheek.

Eunmi : [She blushed.] "You are really good with skinship, oppa."

L.Joe : "And I quite know you like it" He smirked. ( ̄ー ̄)

Eunmi : [She pinched his nose.] "When did I say so? It's not really nice to do this kind of stuff in public. You know, I am kinda emba---"

Eun mi couldn't finish her sentence as she felt a soft lips placed on hers. L.Joe slowly pulled out his lips not to mention his extremely sexy lips.

L.Joe : [He gave out a winning smirk.] "Do you still feel embarrass now?"
Eunmi was overload blushing and her cheek turned into a pink cherry. She blinked a few times as she thought she was still dreaming.

L.Joe : "Aegi ahh?" He whispered to her ear.
unmi : "W-What?" (・_・ )

L.Joe : "I thought you were already flying somewhere. Luckily it's not that far yet." He smiled.
Eunmi could only looked down to cover her shyness.

L.Joe : "Now, let's go. Come with me." He grabbed Eunmi's hand.
Eunmi just moved her body as her lover started to walk away.


Chunji and Haneul had already find themselves in a park. Well, it's not an ordinary park to be exact, the view is just stunning with all those light placed all over the trees.
The trees are in different colours, they are red, green, purple and much more. They walked through the park while enjoying the scene.
Not even a word escape from their lips. Just silence that accompanied the cold, windy night.

Chunji : "It's beautiful, isn't it?" (〃⌒∇⌒)

Haneul : "Yeah." She smiled to his oh-so-handsome boyfriend. "But, it seems that no one else are here eh?" ( ・◇・)?

Chunji : [He coughed.] *He did not wants the fact that he had rent the place for the whole night get to his lover knowing.* "It's so cold tonight, people might love to stay at home."

Haneul nodded unknowingly but she still felt curious and weird though.

Chunji : *Phew, I almost got caught. I'm sorry chagji. I have to lie.*

Chunji seems concerned when he noticed his lover was shivering due to the unbelievably cold weather. He slowly took out his jacket and put on her shoulder. Haneul just shot him a glare and smiled (:

Haneul : "Ahh Chunji. You said you wanted to show me something. What is it?"

Chunji : "Ehh.." He stuttered. "I can't show you now. Wait for a little while okay, chajgi. W-wait what did you just call me? Did you just called my name again?" He looked at Haneul in disbelief.
Haneul : "I guess I just did..why?" She laughed.

Chunji : [He pouted.] "Chajgi ahh, I told you to call me chajgi or aegi or baby or sweetheart or if you want to call me by my name, you have to call me Chunji oppa. No matter what, I'm older than you by 2 weeks which made me your oppa. But I would prefer if you call me, baby though." He smirked.

Haneul : [She made the 'ewww' face] "Aigoo, why were you acting so cheesy?"

Chunji : "I don't care whether you want to say it's cheesy or whatever. I just want you to promise me that you will call me as I wish you too and that nickname should be just for me, no one else, okay? You're the only one who I will call 'chajgi' for now and eternally. Even when we already have wrinkles, I promise that nickname is just for you and only you." He stared right into her eyes.
Haneul : "O..kay." She blushed.

Chunji : "Good. Now should we be doing something fun?" He smiled sweetly. :)


So the L.Joe couple seems to have a good moment by themselves. (:
Back at the park, Chunji and the girl were enjoying their precious time too. They were walking along the park and found a little playground.

Chunji : "Want to try that?" He pointed at the swing.

Haneul : [nodded] "I would love too." o(*^▽^*)o

Chunji : [smile] "Let's compete..chajgi ahh."

Haneul : [confused look] "What do you mean?"

Chunji : "Well..simple whoever swing higher will win!" He smiled slyly.

He kind of knew, well to be exact he knew he'll win for sure. He already had this idea on his mind. Keke.

Haneul : [thinking] *Like I am not good with swing..Chunji oppa, you deal with the wrong person~ops mian.* xD She nodded confidently.

Chunji : "Great. The winner will get to ask any wish from the loser..okay?" He smirked.

Haneul : "Any wish?"

Chunji : "Yes..and the others couldn't do anything but to granted it..Deal?"

Haneul : "Okay, we've got a deal here."

Chunji : "Let's start then chajgi" (♥.♥)


While Chunji and Haneul were on the swings, the L.Joe couple had left the restaurant. They walked slowly and tried to find a place to hang out. They passed a row of stores and suddenly this particular store has caught L.joe's attention.

L.Joe : "Aegi, want some ice cream?"

Eunmi : "Oh sure." She smiled. (^ー^* )

L.Joe : "Let's go to that store." He grabbed Eunmi's hand and walked into the ice cream store.

The worker : "Annyeonghaseyo~" (@⌒ー⌒@)

L.Joe just gave a smile.

L.Joe : "Aegi ahh, which one would you like to taste?" [while looking at the various type of flavor on the menu]

Eunmi : [without hesitation] "Strawberry." (o^∇^o)ノ

L.Joe : "Aigoo, aegi really can't be separated from strawberry and pink eh~" He laughed cutely.

full body keroppi frog emoticon 2 Keroppi Frog Emoticons

Eunmi was smiling widely at her boyfriend's cuteness.

They kind of have a talk while waiting for their order. Out of those two realization, three pairs of eyes were looking interestingly on their action.


Back at the park, Chunji is trying hard to win the swing competition. No way he's going to lose to a girl, and on top of that, to his lover. Just no~andwae!

After he struggled for like 5 minutes, he managed to get to the top. And that only means, he won. OH YES he just won!

Chunji : "I guess I just won..chajgi" He smiled like there is no tomorrow.


Haneul : *Oh no, how could he win..aishh.* She looks disinterested.
"Yeah, I bet too." She rolled her eyes.

Chunji realized that his lover was quite mad.

Chunji : "I supposed I can speak out my wish now." He smirked sexily.

Haneul : "Okay okay, what do you want?"

Chunji : "Well, I will not ask much. Just come here..first." He patted his lap.

Haneul : *Omo! What is this guy trying to do?* (>_<)

She slowly walked to Chunji but remain standing and kept a quite distance from him.

Chunji : "Oh come on, what I mean is come here, to me. That's quite far chajgi." He pouted.

Haneul : [unwillingly walk closer]

Before she could do anything, Chunji slowly pulled her hand and made her sit on his lap. She was trying to get off but failed.

Chunji : "This is better." [winning smile]

Haneul: "So, what do you plan to ask me?" She turned her head to face Chunji.

Their faces are just like a few inches away.

Chunji : "This..I just want to have a moment like this..with you chajgi ah~" He whispered softly.

Haneul : [mentally slapped herself] *That's it? Tsch, how could I even think of something else.*

Chunji encircle his arm around his lover and the girl rest her head on the other's shoulder.

''Oh well well, look what we've got here'', a voice came from an unknown person get them to reality.

To be continued...

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