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Fan Fiction : Teen Top's Chunji & L.Joe first Double Date (Part 3)

Chunji and Haneul turned their head to the direction of the voice and they saw a few guys were standing and staring at them as if they have never seen a couple dating.

Chunji : *Damn! Not these guys please.* Onion Emoticon

It turned out to be that those guys were the guys who had always bully Chunji during middle school and they expected that chunji is still the same weak boy but na'ah, he's totally different now indeed you can say that he is a real man for his girl. ;)

Haneul : "Chajgi ah, do you know them?" Onion Emoticon

GD : "Chajgi?! Buahahahaaha! xD Did you guys hear what I just heard?"

T.O.P : "Like duh~ that is soooooo..."

GD+T.O.P+Taeyang : "LAME! Hahahahahahahah!"

Chunji : "Haneul, get back."

GD : "Now what? You wanna be a hero in front of your....girlfriend? Wait a minute..Chunji finally has a girlfriend..!"

T.O.P + Taeyang : [laughing in a sarcastic way]

Haneul : "Chunji oppa..what's all these?"

Chunji : " trust me right?"

Haneul : "Hmm." She nodded.

T.O.P : "Aaaaawwww...that's so sweet." He pulled Haneul as a way to threat chunji.

Chunji : "You know what dude?" He pulled T.O.P's shirt. "You just did the biggest mistake in your life!" He did his best flying kick ever.

Haneul : "Omo! Chunji oppa!" *Gosh, he looks so cool! Never knew he could do that!* xD

T.O.P : [wipe the blood at his mouth] "Tsch, do u think u can win on me? Keep on dreaming dude."

Chunji : [killer stare to the 3 guys] "Owh yeah baby, 3 on 1 fights are NOTHING to me."

Chunji has prepared himself for almost two years to win on these boys and now is SHOWTIME. Furthermore, the person he loves the most is right next to him and that makes him stronger. :)

As for L.Joe and Eunmi...

Eunmi : "Oppa..why are they looking at us like that? " She felt uncomfortabe for the fact that they were actually three people who were staring at them.

L.Joe : [turned his head to look at them] *OH! SNAP! THOSE GURLS?! DAMN IT! THIS IS DISASTER!*
Onion Head Emoticons 14
Even though he did not feel good about it but he pretended as if he was just fine.
L.Joe : "Just ignore them babe maybe they are just jealous of us." He held Eunmi hands tightly and put it at his chest. Then, he smiled sweetly. :)

Eunmi : [looked at him and totally fall for his smile] "Ahhh..maybe you are right."

Those 3 people approached them and one of the girl is actually L.joe's ex-girlfriend. They had a big fight which led them to break up. The girl who is at fault of the fight kept on blaming L.joe which makes him felt so sick of her! He used to love her so much but because of her bad behaviour, L.Joe tried his best to get over her. It took him months and months to do it but with the help of his latest loved one , he finally can get over it. He now is starting a whole new life with a whole new and better girl. :)

Jessica : "Yah L.Joe! Have you forgotten me?" She smirked.
Yoyo & Cici Emoticons 7

L.Joe : *Damn it!*

Eunmi : [looked at L.Joe] "Huh? You know them? Don't you wanna introduce me to them baby?" She spoke innocently. Onion Head Emoticons 16

Jessica : "Baby? What the hell?! Who the hell are you to call my babe, 'baby' huh?!" She shoved Eunmi's shoulder.

L.Joe : "Hey! Don't you dare to touch her." He wiped Eunmi's shoulder. "Are you okay, aegi ah?"
Eunmi nodded and she totally speechless. She could only looked at L.joe with her totally innocent expression.

Eunmi : "What is she talking about?" (゚o゚ )

L.Joe : "Don't listen to her, girl. She was just crapping."

Victoria : "What the hell! L.Joe! You are too much! Defending that freaking girl and raised your voice to Jessica? Tsch."

L.Joe : [pissed off] "Yahh!" He raising his voice higher. "Don't you girls have any other things to do?"

Eunmi was still blur. She pulled L.Joe's hand.

Eunmi : "Baby..calm down.." She spoke with a low voice in order to calm L.joe's down.

L.Joe : [looked at eun mi] *Aaww, this is why I love her so much!* "Aegi ahh, it's okay. Just stay out of this, alright?"

Eunmi : [nodded.]

Yoona : "Euwww, that girl is so annoying! What is wrong with her 'Baby' all the time and her so called innocent look. She made wanna puke." She laughed sarcastically.

Eunmi : [angry with a cute looks] "EXCUSE ME! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM? I AM L.JOE'S GF! I HAVE THE RIGHT TO CALL HIM WHATEVER I WANT!" She yelled with a cute soft voice.

L.Joe : *Awww, my girl is getting cuter!* "Aegi ah.." He pulled Eunmi closer to him and put his hand around her waist. "Just don't bother them."
Jessica : *Tsch. I couldn't stand with these two anymore! URGH! L.Joe will be mine FOREVER!*
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Those three guys which happen to be Chunji's ex-schoolmates were trying to ruined Chunji's moments with his lover. They kind of hate Chunji, no, to be exact, extremely hate Chunji since he's more likely to be the cutest guy in the school and how the noona treat him just made them felt more disgusted.
So this is the chance for T.O.P, G-Dragon and Taeyang to get some revenge again. Chunji didn't even make any wrong doing towards them and the reason behind their act is just because they were jealous obviously. ;)

GD : "Yah! What do think your'e doing, brat?!" He tried to pushed Chunji away.
Chunji : "I won't forgive for what you guys had done! Don't you dare to touch her!"
T.O.P : "Blehh, so what do you expect us to do now?" [mocking face]

Chunji : "Apologize." (ò.ó)

Taeyang : "Oh my! Did I hear wrongly? This bullshit just asked us Ohh scary." He intentionally did that scared face. In a second, those three guys burst out laughing. They even rolling on the ground and get up again.
Haneul was still blinking in confusion and she could only stared at chunji. Chunji try to reassured his girlfriend that everything is going to be fine. He gave her a weak smile in return.

Taeyang : "Oh gosh, just stop with that staring already, That make me sick and gave me nausea..Eww..."

T.O.P : "Let just deal with this now." He smirked.

GD : "How about this? While you guys 'finish' this trash, let me take care of his lover." He smiled slyly. "I never realized she's so pretty..yummy!"

Haneul held Chunji's hand tightly and almost cry.

Chunji : [squeeze Haneul's hand] "Don't worry chagji ah. I will never let them hurt you."


Before we move on with Chunji's situation, let's peek a look on L.Joe's couple.

Jessica : "Yah L.Joe! I cannot accept this. How could you do this to me?" She started to cry. Well, it was a fake cry though.

L.Joe : "And do you think I even care to answer you? Ask yourself first, who is wrong in this situation?" He lowered his voice as he was trying to stay calm.

Yoona : "L.Joe, I never knew you are this mean. You can at least solve this problem in a better way."

Eunmi : "Oppa, can you tell me what's really happening here? Who are these girls?" *She asked innocently with hope to know the truth form his beloved one.

L.Joe : "Mianhae, aegi ah. I don't know how to explain this to you." He turned his face to Eunmi and smiled weakly. "Can you just give me a minute? I will solved this and get to you back A.S.A.P, okay. Please wait for me." He turned to Jessica after that. "Let's get out of here."

The girls make their way out of the ice cream shop and L.Joe partially followed them from the back. Before that, he gave a peck on Eunmi's forehead and smile.

L.Joe : "You trust me right?"

Eunmi : [nodded and looks worried]

L.Joe : "I'll come back to you, just wait for me."

Those three girls who saw the little action made the 'eww' face especially Jessica.
She felt mad since L.Joe is being so romantic with that, oh she hate that girl for taking L.Joe from her.

Victoria : "You are just going to watch them like that? In this case, your chance is not confirmed yet you know. Seems like L.Joe really love that girl." (¬_¬)

Jessica : "Whose side are you on?! No matter what, I will get him back. I will make sure that he will come back and plead to me!" She smiled evilly.


At the same time, at the park, those three like gangsters still enjoyed their time on Chunji and his girl. T.O.P and Taeyang came closer to Chunji. Chunji hold his breath. He must fight. Not for himself but for his lover. Yes, he couldn't let her hurt no matter what happens.
T.O.P quickly took his position and grab Chunji's right shoulder while Taeyang on the other side has his grip on his left shoulder. The GD guy make his move to ha neul (oh no!) with that horrible smirk plastered on his face. GD took this chance to pull the girl closer to him and hold her waist.

Chunji : [scream out LOUD] "NOOO! Don't touch her! Let her go!"

T.O.P : "Hey hey keep it low, kid. We don't want to invite any unwanted guest." He smirked.

Taeyang : "Let see if you can take down on us, you weak bastard! HAHA."

GD took this chance to land his hand on Chunji's girl's cheek.
OH MY, no no only Chunji is allowed to do so. Chunji who witnessed those action suddenly have this spirit to pushed away those two big muscular arms whose holding on him.

T.O.P and Taeyang landed on the ground and groan in pain. Before they could even get on their feet, they felt a strong hand had landed on their faces.
The first person who get it was Taeyang and not long after that was T.O.P's turn to get a punch on his handsome face. GD who saw the not so cool thing right in front of his eyes let his mouth open.

GD : *Where the hell did this skinny kid get those strength from?*

Before he could even move to Chunji, GD felt a strong grip on his collar. He looked back and was surprised to see an unfamiliar figure in front of him.

Cap : "Yahh, you don't need to be so harsh isn't it? Come on~ three on one? Tsch, do you really call yourself a man?"


When C.A.P suddenly appeared out of nowhere, the other two dudes were speechless as they saw a muscular guy grabbed GD's collar.

C.A.P : "Yah! These bunch of kids really have nothing to do. Why don't you guys just go home before your MAMA CALL." He smirked and let go of GD's collar harshly.

GD : "Tsch Chunji..did you call out for S.O.S? I thought you are different now but I was wrong eh. You are still the WEAK BOY." He smiled in a sarcastic way.

Chunji : [killer stare] "What the hell?! I'm not like you, pabo! I don't walk all around the streets with 2 dudes because you know why? I ain't a coward LIKE YOU."

GD : "HAHA. Yeah Right." He rolled his eyes.

C.A.P : "Dude, you still dare to talk to Chunji?"

When C.A.P was about to punch GD, suddenly Taeyang couldn't hold on his anger anymore and punched on Chunji's face.

Chunji : [held back taeyang's fist with his fist] "Well, well, who's the baby now?" He smirked.

C.A.P " Woaw Chunji. It seems like you can handle them by yourself eh?" He smirked and gave GD a killer stare. "And you!" He pointed at GD. "Just stop with your stupid act. It ain't make you any cooler. Tsch. Or you see this?" He blew his fist. "It will landed directly on your face."

GD back off after he heard C.A.P's threatened word.

T.O.P : "Ayy Chunji. Do you think we are scared of you because this dude got your back?" [smirked] "Couldn't believe I wasted my time for this little boy."

In a second, Chunji's fist is directly on T.O.P's face which even causes his nose to bleed and T.O.P fell down backwards.

Chunji : "You know what? You are wrong. I don't need him to back me up. I can handle it myself. Tsch."

C.A.P : "Yeah dude. You heard him well. He can handle it himself even if I'm not here." He smirked and high fived Chunji.

Haneul was totally shocked and couldn't believe that the one who punched that freaking gangster is her very own boyfriend.

T.O.P wipe his blood and he started to feel scared but still pretending as if he was alright. He stand up back, turn right, turn left and HE RANNNNN AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Leaving the GD and Taeyang behind!

He turned back and said...

T.O.P : "GD, Taeyang, I'll leave everything two you guys! It seems like I have something urgent to do. LATER!" He ran as fast as he could.

GD & Taeyang : [shocked and their jaws dropped]

C.A.P : "Haha. It seems like I was right. They are just a bunch a children anyway. Oh wait a minute, not just a children, a coward children." He laughed sarcastically.

Chunji looked at them with a very sarcastic smile.

GD : "You know what dude, IT'S NOT OVER YET!" He ran away along with T.O.P and left taeyang alone.

Taeyang : [scared and started to stuttle] " IT'S NOT OVER YET!!! YOU HEARD ME!" He ran away and KEEP ON RUNNING.

C.A.P, Chunji & Haneul :


On the other side of the story, L.Joe, Jessica and the girls went somewhere further away from the ice cream shop not too far though, just as far as he ensure that his beloved girl can't hear the conversation and this is how it goes.

Jessica was trying his best to be all innocent in front of L.Joe because she thinks that L.Joe can easily fall for that kind of girl but this time she was wrong.

Even if L.Joe is that type of guy, still, he is not the type of person who will give a second chance to his ex-girlfriend who ruined his life though.

Jessica : [pulled L.Joe's hand innocently] "Oppa, there's still a chance for us right? And I know that no one could love you more than I do." She said it while she's acting on her so called innocent looks.

L.Joe got pissed off and pushed her hand away from him.

L.joe : "Stop all these craps Jessica! I'm so sick of it!" [annoyed looks] "You?! you mean you are trying to tell me that YOU could love me more than anyone else in this world? Are you insane? Do you even know what you were saying?" He smirked.

Jessica : [watery eyes] "Tell me..tell me L.Joe I really don't deserve to love you?" She still act all innocent.

L.Joe : [looked direct into her eyes] "YEAH, YOU DON'T!" ヾ(*`Д´*)ノ"

Victoria : "L.Joe! Don't you dare to raise your voice to Jessica."

L.Joe : "Could you please stop interrupting, Victoria? That's is just so not cool you know. Why don't you just do your own thing and let me settle it with Jessica."

Victoria : "WHAT?! I deserved to defend her, alright? because I'm her bestie and without me, you might even slap her or something." He pushed L.Joe's shoulder.

Yoona : "Tsch. Why don't you just apologize to Jessica, L.Joe! You knew that you were wrong."

L.Joe : "I don't know what the hell is wrong with you girls but I'm out of here. One thing for sure is that, I don't do anything wrong and stop pointing fingers to me. Do you girls see that lovely girl standing right there? You girls know what, she is patiently waiting for me. And yeah she is the only one who can love me more than anyone else in this world...only her..NOT YOU Jessica!"

L.Joe walked away to the direction of the girl he loves and Jessica was totally dissatisfied with what she had just heard. Right now at this moment, she is planning something evil in order to break the couple apart because for's either L.Joe is hers or no one can be with him.


The night grows darker. A bunch of incident happened, the good and not to mention the awful one. But both of the tough guys still want to make this special night to be the unforgettable one for them and their loves one(:

After leaving the three girls, L.Joe made his way to the coffee shop again. He left the dissatisfied creatures behind him and he slightly ran to get his lover. He didn't even care what is going to happen next. All he knows is, he wants tonight to be perfect, as perfect as he planned and imagined earlier. He doesn't wants a single piece of obstacle get on his way, Not tonight..

Eun Mi who was kind of bored waiting, nonchalantly enjoyed her ice cream.

Eun Mi : *Why is he taking so long ? Is everything okay?* …>_<…

She could only sighed deeply inside her heart. Not long after that, she couldn't help but to smile brightly as she the one who own her heart move towards her.

Eun Mi : *Finally :) *

L.Joe : "Aegi ah..mianhae. Jjeongmal mianhae." He held Eun Mi's hand on his chest.

Eun Mi : "Why are you sorry ?" [worried looks]

L.Joe : "I am sorry for keeping you waiting, I know I shouldn't leave you here. When it supposed to be our night together."

Eun Mi : "It's okay." She smiled. "I always know you will come back for me. After all you are.." [whispered to L.Joe's ear] "Mine." She blushed.

L.Joe couldn't help but smile, he thinks that is the best smile he had given to someone, well at least to his lover.

Without wasting any more time, he pulled Eun Mi into an embrace. A warm and serene one. Eun Mi too moved her arms and encircled them around her boyfriend's neck.

L.Joe : "Let's leave now."

Eun Mi : "Hmmm."


While at the park, the three of them who had witnessed the fight that couldn't be any funnier, the three human being were left blinking like they have been attacked by an eyes disease. They stared at each other for awhile and burst out laughing. Hehe.

C.A.P : "So this is the girl you were talking about eh, Chunji?" He smirked. "Your lover ?" [teasing face]

Chunji : "Yeah, hyung."He blushed. (*´▽`*)

C.A.P: "Ahh I see. Nice to meet you." He bowed at ha neul and turned to face Chunji. "Why are you being all shy here and blushing?" He laughed.

As he heard those word came out flawlessly from his hyung mouth, he couldn't be more embarrass. He tried to hide his so alike to red tomato face.

Chunji : "A-and what is hyung doing here?" He asked with curiousity. (^_^;)

C.A.P: *Aishh this kid, why is he asking me now?* (O.O;) "Well, I was just taking a walk, and it happened to be that I saw you struggling with those..what should I call them?" He scratched his head. "Whatever it is, then, here I am now. But I have got to go now, I don't want to be the third wheel. Hehe."

The truth is, the main reason he left was, he was trying to escape Chunji's question.

C.A.P : "Ok byebye. Ha Neul, Please take care of him!" He shouted as he was running.

Chunji : *What?!*

Ha Neul : [chuckled and slightly turned to Chunji] "Wow, you surely have a good time back at home with such hyung of yours."

Chunji : "I wish, chajgi ah." He sighed.

Ha Neul : "Oh before that.. are you okay?" She suddenly remembered that her boyfriend literally just had a fight with those she doesn't even know. She quickly checking on Chunji's face if there were any bruise or mark.

Chunji : [smiled warmly] "I am okay, chajgi, No need to worry like that. Aww you look cute worrying..♥"

Ha Neul : "How could I'm not worried? Those guys being harsh to you and there were three of them..And I am not so fond with you doing jokes now." She still showed a worried face.

Chunji : "But I am totally okay. It's you who I am worried about, chajgi ah. I am never going to forgive myself for letting them touch you especially that jerk whose who--" He stuttered and sighed. "I will never be able to protect you..I guess I am just worthle--"

Ha Neul : [cut on Chunji's word and titled her head] "No, no, don't say that. I am so proud of you, chajgi. And you are everything but worthless, and you are just so brave just now."

Chunji couldn't stand anymore at his lover sweetness. He leaned closer to the girl and pulled her into a hug.

Chunji : "Thanks, chajgi. I love you."

To be continued....

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