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Fan Fiction : Teen Top's Chunji & L.Joe first Double Date (END)

It's nearly midnight, and L.Joe was aware that it's almost came to an end for the night. Oh~ how he wish this night will last longer. He wanted to end the night with something special.

He had already prepared everything. It's just the time to deal with it now. He rented a motorcycle and he wants his heartthrob to ride with him. Eun mi just shot a confuse look to him as he showed the motorcycle.

L.Joe : "Should we ride this?"

Eun Mi : [hesitated for a while] "Erm..well..." 「(゚ペ)

L.Joe : "Just trust me. It's not like I am going to let you fall or something." He laughed.

Eun Mi pouted cutely.

L.Joe : "Aigoo, aegi don't do that. You know I don't know if I can control myself from kissing you."

Eun Mi kind of annoyed with that statement, but of course she is smiling though because her boyfriend is just so cute. ♥

L.Joe : "I supposed that is a yes."

So there they go, L.Joe helped his girlfriend to get on the bike. He chuckled as his lover tried to adjust her seat on the bad-idea-thing as his girlfriend think of.

L.Joe : "Hold me tight." He said while staring at
Eun Mi.

Eun Mi tighten her arms around L.joe and blushed.

L.Joe : [hold Eun Mi's hand] "I guess we are ready to get off now." He started the engine.

L.Joe and his beloved girl are heading to a very "special" place and his girl has no idea where are they heading to. Her heart is beating really fast as she didn't knows what is awaiting her. There are so many possibilities in her mind and she just couldn't stop thinking about it.

Eun Mi : *I wonder where are we heading to now? (?_?) Is L.Joe sending me back home already? (T^T) Is our night going to end just like this after the small chaos?* She sighed.

L.Joe noticed his girl's sigh, he then hold his girl's hand for a few seconds while riding the bike. Eun Mi held him tightly and leaned her face at L.Joe's back.


The other couple at the park were also heading to a very "special" place. The place is not too far though from where they are now and so they don't need any ride, by just walking can already reach that "special" place safely. :)

Chunji pulled Ha Neul's hand.

Chunji : "Chajgi ah, let's go." ^^

Ha Neul : "Where are we going?" th_cici-emoticon-033.gif

Chunji : "A place where our night tonight is going to be the most memorable night ever in our life." :)

Ha Neul : "Really? You have never failed to amazed me." (*^^)

Chunji : "Of course I don't because you are my baby forever." He held Ha Neul's hand tightly while walking.

Ha Neul leaned her face on his shoulder while walking and hugged his hands.


L.Joe & Eun mi have reached that "special" place. A wide shining romantic park full with romantic lights.

just like this ^^

Eun Mi : "Awww, oppa.." She hugged L.Joe. "It's so beautiful ♥ I couldn't believe you brought me here.I really thought you were sending me home or something." She pouted cutely.

L.Joe : [smiled] "How could I do that aegi ahh? You know what sweetie, the reason why I chose this place is because when I first came here with the teen top members, the first thing popped up in my mind was you."

Eun Mi was so touched until her eyes were teary. th_cici-emoticon-024.gif

L.Joe : "Aegi ahh." He leaned his forehead on her forehead. The two of them were hold on to each other tightly.

Out of sudden, there's a voice calling out L.Joe's name. L.Joe looked around and that person was...

L.Joe : "Chunji hyung, you are finally here." He high fived Chunji.

Ha Neul and Eun Mi : "Finally here?" They looked at each other.

Ha Neul : "Did you guys plan this?" (O_o)

Eun Mi could only looked at L.Joe & chunji with confusion.

Chunji pulled Ha Neul into his arm.

Chunji : "Shhhhh." ;)

L.Joe could only smile at the sweet couple. L.Joe turned around and looked at Eun Mi.

L.Joe : "Awww, that innocent look again." He pulled Eun mi into his warm arm. "Aegi ah, let's just enjoy our time together." :)

The truth is, this is actually C.A.P's brilliant idea. Both of them did not want the two girls to find it out because it wouldn't be fun after all if their girlfriends found out that it wasn't really their ideas. ;)

L.Joe & Chunji : "Now, look at the sky."


The most beautiful firework then popped out into the sky along with these romantic words.

Animated Gifs

"Baby girl, you're forever chunji's girl. Youngwonhee Saranghae."

"L.Joe's baby, love you forever and ever."


L.Joe glanced slightly at his watch and smirked.

L.Joe : *I still have 25 minutes to go.*

He turned to see his beloved who is still watching the fireworks enthusiastically while clapping her hand.

L.Joe : *God, she looks too cute in a way.* yoyo-emoticon-1-054.gif

L.Joe bites his lower lips and gulped. Without him knowing, he felt himself leaned in closer to the girl beside him. He closed his eyes and yes ready to--

Eun Mi : "What are you doing?" @_@

L.Joe : *Urghh* "No..No-nothing." He pretended to fix Eun Mi's hair. "Aegi ah, your hair is a bit messy due to the wind. I'm just trying to help out." He turned his face from Eun Mi and blushed.

Eun Mi : "Really?" She fixed her hair. "Thank you, oppa." She smiled sweetly.

L.Joe : "Eh, no problem." *Phewww* "Aegi ahh, if you could make wish upon a star, what would you ask?"

He intentionally switched the subject to hide his embarrassment.

Eun Mi : "Wish?" She turned to L.Joe.
L.Joe nodded.

Eun Mi sightly smirked but L.Joe didn't see it.

Eun Mi : "I want to marry my first love and have kids. Three should be good." She smiled brightly.

L.Joe : "Aegi's first love?" yoyo-emoticon-1-078.gif "It's not likely to be me as I know..Wh--" He started to feel insecure. *Eh? Not me? Is she going to break up with me?* yoyo-emoticon-2-004.gif

Eun Mi tried to hide her victory smirked.

Eun Mi : "Who do you think my first love is? But, you got that right anyway, You're not my first." (keke)
L.Joe's face was in disbelieve, shocked, anger, dissatisfied and other horribles feeling.

L.Joe : "W-what do you mean? You are not serious in this relationship?" He held Eun Mi's arm. "Tell me..." He almost cry.

Eun Mi : *Omo bingo! He fell for it xDD* "Gotcha baby!" th_cici-emoticon-008.gif

L.Joe : "What?" He slowly titled his head above.

Eun Mi : "Aigoo oppa, I was just joking. :D Of course I only want to marry you and you ARE my first love literally." She smiled.

L.Joe : "How could you make joke on this? You made me scared to death, you know?!" He raised his voice.

Eun Mi : [startled] "S-sorry, I'm sorry." [snob] "I didn't know you would be this mad." She lowered her head to face the ground. th_cici-emoticon-005.gif

L.Joe : [smirked evilly] *Sorry baby, but it's my time now. Hehe.*

Without wasting any time, he pulled his lover closer and grabbed her waist. L.Joe placed his lips on the girl. She was shocked by the action at first but after that she kisses him back. The kiss is soft and sweet. L.joe is the one who pulled away first. He smiled to his girl.

L.Joe : "I am sorry, baby. I didn't mean to raise my voice just now and got all mad. I guess we are even now right, You got me and yeah I got you back" He laughed. yoyo-emoticon-2-025.gif

Eun Mi : [still blushing] "I really thought you were mad at me."

L.Joe : "No way. How could I get angry on my little angel right here. That's just impossible. I would have lost my breath if I ever treat you that way. You know right, you are the reason why do I still have faith in love and to live on now." He smiled sweetly.

Eun Mi felt her cheek has grew pinkier but she's smiling by the words. L.Joe slowly dugged into his pocket and pulled out a soft pink tiny box. It's a necklace, with Eun Mi and L.Joe's name on it. In the middle of it, there's a love sign in diamond.

L.Joe : "Will you receive this small gift?" He asked and his heart pounding so fast while waiting for the answer.

Eun Mi : "Yes. Of course." :)

L.Joe was so happy/hyper that he got the answer which he wanted to hear. He quickly hold Eun Mi's shoulder and brought her closer to meet his chest. oh chest? O(≧∇≦)O

L.Joe : "Thank you,for making tonight the happiest night in my life. I promise I will cherish you every second, love you and appreciate you always ♥ "

Eun mi could just noded and she can't be happier than this, in her situation now. L.Joe smiled to the sky while muttered,

L.Joe : 'Thank you, for giving her to me.'

While they are immersed in the warm embrace, the other sit on a bench near a fountain. The girl rested her head on the guy's shoulder and let her breath out slowly. Their fingers were intertwined.


Chunji : "How I wish this moment wouldn't end."

Ha Neul : "Me too." th_cici-emoticon-009.gif

Chunji : "Are you happy chajgi ah?" [anticipated look]

Ha Neul : "Well, how to say this."

Chunji : "Your'e not?"

Ha Neul : [smiled] "Of course I am. In fact, happy itself does not really describe my feeling. This whole night was just overwhelming for me." She smiled again.

Chunji : [sighed in relief] "I am glad to hear that, after all that chaos, I started to think that you might not enjoy this whole night." [sad face]

Ha Neul : "Why wouldn't I ? Everything about tonight is just perfect. Flawless. And it's you that make all this happened. So thank you, sweetheart." (:

Chunji felt moved by the words that came from his girl lips .He lowered his head to face her. The girl just followed his moved. He held her cheek and brought it closer to his. They are just few inches away. Chunji gave her oh killer-stare-that-makes-girl-just-froze and close his eyes.

Ha Neul :*Hmmm, not that easy baby.* She grinned. th_cici-emoticon-050.gif

Chunji ready to lean in when the girl just got up from her seat and running like a child. She laughed as she saw her lover merely realized that she's not at the bench, sitting anymore.

Chunji : "Yahh chajgi. Now what? Do you want to play hide and seek?"

Ha Neul : "Since you suggest it, why don't we play along?" She shouted from far.

Chunji : "You wish for it. You know I am kind of like a genius in this finding hiding people. Wait for me." He smirked.

Ha Neul : "Okay, let see. If I win, I want a piggy ride from you."

Chunji : "Deal. And if I win..." *Lol of course I will win* "I want to continue the thing which we are supposed to do just now~" He grinned.

Ha Neul : "Okay! Start to count now." :D

Chunji : "10..9..8......5...3..2..1! Chajgi ah, I am coming now!" He started to run.

Ha Neul hid under a huge tree.

Ha Neul : "He couldn't possibly can see me." th_cici-emoticon-025.gif

Chunji kept on searching all over the park, he ran to the right side and even checked in the bushes but failed to find his lover.

Chunji : *Geez, where is she?*

He continued to look for his girl for the next 10 minutes but again failed! He started to worry if anything bad might happen to the girl.

Chunji : [shouted] "Chajgi ahh! Come out now! I lost to you already!"


But.... no answer. His heartbeat pounding faster. He almost got his eyes teary. He shouted again...

Chunji : "Chajgi! Chajgi ah! Where are you?! Please come out now. The game is over!"

He ran around the park to search for his girl. Suddenly he felt a pat on his shoulder and quickly turned around.

Ha Neul : "Hey." [happy face] ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Chunji pulled Ha Neul into an embrace. He tighten his grip on the girl's waist.

Chunji : "Are you okay? I was worried about you."

Ha Neul : [smile] "I am okay, why are you so worried?"

Chunji : "I thought I'm losing you. Please. Don't ever do that again."

((T.T; )(; T.T))

Ha Neul :*Aww isn't he is just cute?♥* "I am here now, right? so you shouldn't have worried anymore. Anyway, I supposed that you have lost to this game." She laughed amusingly. th_cici-emoticon-008.gif

Chunji : "I just did. Well now, get on my back."

Ha Neul : "Huh?" @_@

Chunji : "You want a piggy ride right ? Come on chajgi, on my back." He smiled.

Ha Neul happily got on his oh~ so slim boyfriend's back and hold on his shoulder.

Chunji : "Ready?" (o^^)o

Ha Neul nodded in agreement.

Chunji : "Let's go!"

Ha Neul : "Oppa~" She called him in her sweet childish voice.

Chunji : "Hmm?" He turned his face to the right side to face his girl. He gulped as soon as he realize his girlfriend lips are on his. He couldn't help but to smile in the kiss.

Chunji : *This is surely the best night.* ♥ ♥ ♥

Ha Neul was muttering something which her boyfriend couldn't hear.

Ha Neul : 'I should granted your wish too.' [sly smile]


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