Friday, April 22, 2011

Part ⑤ [Tour Cube]: A look back to trainee Han Yeji + final words from CEO Hong

We’re now back with the the trainees that we met in part one of the tour with a better understanding of what makes up their day.

It’s been a year and six months since Han Yeji first joined Cube Entertainment, and she’s spent every single day of her life since then training without rest so that she could hopefully become the next 4minute, G.NA, or A Pink.

She says that she leads a double life: one of a normal high school student during the day, and one who holds passionate hopes and dreams during the night.

After heading into the Cube building after school, Yeji changes into comfortable training clothes and works without rest until 10 PM. Although the schedule would make anyone else reel with fatigue, she’s hungry for more, as even a 40 hour day wouldn’t be enough for her.

As previously mentioned, the mission for the week was to write their own rap lyrics with ‘dreams’ as the theme. On weeks where their monthly evaluations overlap with their weekly missions, they’re busier than ever. Once the sun goes down, nothing can be heard but various voices belting their hearts out on the two floors of the Cube building.

A day passes by in the blink of an eye, and Yeji tiredly finishes off her homework and winds down with a brief round of internet surfing before she gets into bed for good.

Unfortunately, her head is a jumble of thoughts from the minute she closes her eyes until she finally falls asleep. “So this is how today went by”, “I didn’t think it’d be this hard to become a singer”, “Why did I do so bad today”, “When am I going to debut”, “Should I call it quits while I can?”

Her final thought, though, is always, “Let’s just hold it in one more time for the sake of my dreams. For my sake…”

With 30 trainees under their wings, Cube Entertainment doesn’t skimp when it comes to training. Out of their 20 exclusive trainers, the majority were former singers who emphasize vocal talent above all.

There are also five to six that play the same role as the homeroom teacher in schools. They manage everything from the trainees’ lesson attitudes, improvements, school grades, and counseling when needed.

Trainees that dorm with Cube also have specific trainers that are more like their mom than an instructor in order to help them feel more adjusted and focused.

Director Shin stated, “The number one trait that our trainees must have is character. Singing and dancing can be taught, but character is largely influenced and can be changed by environment and upbringing, so we have to pay extra careful to make sure that they don’t fall down the wrong path.”

CEO Hong concluded this impressive tour of his agency by stating, “Our standards will always be passion and potential, not talent. I always let my artists and trainees know that they are not merely an artist under my agency, but a co-investor right alongside me. By telling them this, I hope to foster a sense of responsibility so that they can stand by their words and actions as adults.”

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