Friday, April 22, 2011

Part ③ [Tour Cube]: What is CEO Hong Seung Sung’s recipe for success?

Cube Entertainment’s CEO, Hong Seung Sung (47), has 50 kids. While that may sound shocking at first, you have to realize that he regards every single person under his company as his child, and that includes 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, A Pink, others and the 30 trainees.

“They’re my children. They couldn’t hurt me for the world,” he affectionately said.

It was this family bond that helped them rise to become one of the top agencies in just under three years. If his character training system didn’t move you, this sure will: “I plan for the seven years that they are with me, and for the next seven years after they leave my embrace. It’s my role to make sure that there’s nothing that stands in the way of their love for music.”

CEO Hong is no stranger to this industry. He’s been working in it for 20 years of his life, and if there’s one thing he’s learned all this while, it’s the importance of communication. To trainees that go through physical and mental pressure every day, this becomes an especially important tool.

“As opposed to whipping them into shape, I want to foster them into overcoming their obstacles. When all you do for three years of your life is train, it’s inevitable that you’re going to feel worried and pressured. Thus, it’s important that I help them overcome their sense of dread and torture so that they can take that next step to achieve their dreams.”

That’s why instead of criticizing what they lack during their monthly evaluations, he’ll emphasize what they excelled in to instill a stronger sense of confidence in their skills.

To trainees that come from tough financial situations, he provides room and board, and when necessary, even allowances. CEO Hong has become one of the few (very few) leaders of the industry that has managed to transcend the relationship of CEO and idol to father and child.

He stated, “My artists and I are co-investors, it’s just that our roles are different. There are many kids that jump into this industry too hastily trusting only in their dreams, and inevitably, they’re unable to handle it. This path requires so much effort to be poured in, it’s important that trainees realize the importance of responsibility. Don’t chase after the money, because when you’re responsible for who you are, wealth and honor will always follow. That’s what I always tell them.”

Cube Entertainment invest 30% of their income back into their training system.

As the number is higher than most, he was asked why, to which he explained, “The training room is where you can see the future of the next 10 years of the music industry. Should I have the resources, I’d love to invest more than that. These days, there are so many audition programs that skyrocket stars into the industry so early, but we all have to realize that preparation is the foundation of our success. You’re going to lose what you’ve earned if you fail to make up for what you lack.”

CEO Hong reflected back onto Rain’s training days. “He was one of the best when it came to passion and effort. He’d only sleep for two to three hours a day and spend the rest on his training. It’s because of such strong foundation that he’s able to stand where he is today.”

He continued, “We’ve surpassed the generation of the ‘Asian star’ and are now standing before the generation of the ‘world star’. For the past 10 years, we’ve prepared to conquer Asia, and I feel that we’re not too far from reaching the status of American pop stars within the next five to 10 years. I consider this the generation of training. I’m counting down to the day where our company will become one of the leading agencies in the world so that we can re-invest into our kids.”

credits : allkpop

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