Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lee Soo Man unveils plans for upcoming 12-member boyband, “M1″ and “M2″

Earlier, we reported that SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man gave a lecture for 32 Stanford University students on the theory of culture technology and SM’s globalization and business management strategies.

During the lecture, he was filmed on camera dropping some information about his upcoming 12-member boyband, “M1.” While fans thought that it’d be one big group all along, Lee Soo Man revealed that he’s actually planning to divide them.

Lee Soo Man stated, “We have a new team that we’re preparing that’s comprised of seven Koreans and five Chinese members. Both teams will be using the same name, but the five Chinese members will be promoting in China, and the seven Korean members will be promoting in Korea. They will be debuting simultaneously with the same song, but in Chinese and Korean versions.”

He continued, “The two will debut and promote at the same time, but together, they’ll be one team. Plans for the group have finalized, and they will be launched in both China and Korea this May.”

Netizens have now nicknamed the groups “M1″ and “M2“, and rumor has it that SM Entertainment will be debuting yet another male group including rookie Jino from SM the Ballad, for a total of three rookie team debuts this year.

Credits : Allkpop

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